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What Web Hosting Is All About and What It Can Do For You

I discovered blogging accidentally when I was researching in the internet about a dissertation I was working on entitled: Web Based Instructional Materials.

Since English is my second language, I had a hard time doing this. I did not even know what blogging was all about; more so with related terms like HTML, XML, widgets, URLs. It was a new world for me (I wrote about this in a previous post).

Through trial and error I learned about blogging, and I would like to think I had graduated from the rudiments of blogging as presently I am looking into web hosting, owning my own domain, and having my own domain name.

Web Hosting is defined as creating your own domain name and allowing a second party to host your site or blog. You have to let someone host your site because you do not have the access to the internet unless you have a server and the technical gizmos of owning a "space" .

Photo by Tim Dorr

Web hosting can come in a variety of styles. We have the free web hosting which is apparently what I am using now. We have also the multiple domain hosting, in which you can employ one web host or several web hosts for your sites, and many more.

You should know the basics of web hosting and know exactly what you want your site to achieve, so you could select an appropriate web host and hosting style.

You should also have to make sure that your web host is a reliable host, and could help you in the technical aspect of your site, an example is interworx which could provide you with this and many more.

There are those web host sites that would lend you a helping hand when you need it, and there are those which leave you on your own. You have to be aware of all their terms and conditions before you decide to sign in.

Web hosting has paved the way for small bloggers to be able to have their sites accessed by people using the internet. Without it, blogging would not have been possible and I would not be here with you sharing all these. Happy web hosting!


The Traumatic Nightmare of Financial Problems and How To Overcome Them

I tossed and turned in bed as I stared blankly at the ceiling. Sleep was hard to come by as numerous thoughts crowded my mind. How I had wished then that I could escape to the peacefulness of blissful sleep, so I could forget all those problems besetting me. My nightmare occurred every time I woke up in the morning and not while I was sleeping.

It all started when I first obtained a loan from a bank, then I got another one from a financing company, and then I used my credit cards on furniture purchases. When payments were due, I was not able to fulfill my obligations as I have over shoot my appropriated budget.

The interest grew and became compounded until it was up to my neck. They were all demanding full payment or else they would be forced to elevate the matter through legal means. That was why; I could not sleep that night.

Photo by emdot

It was only then that I realized debts could be debilitating to a person’s confidence and moral fiber. How I had wished then that there would be a credit repair system that would have helped me. Unluckily, there was none for me then; so I painstakingly paid off my debts- little by little, month by month, until they became manageable.

I had to secure also the help of an attorney to set the terms to the creditors for me.

Do not allow yourself this misery; if you are in this predicament, you are fortunate that a credit repair system is available online.

It does not matter how bad your credit history is, or how many times you have been denied by credit companies, this superb service could remedy a credit dispute, improve credit and improve credit score status.

Don’t waste your precious sleep over your monetary problems. Worry no more, this company has the solution to your entire financial dilemma, they could repair your bad credit and restore your credibility!


The Hippocampi and Some Memories

The hippocampus is the part of the brain that is responsible for memory retention. The right side is believed to be the creative part of the brain, while the left side is the one in charge of simple recall.

The right side makes you dream and imagine the impossible, to make you aspire for the transcendental and noble. The left hippocampus allows you to remember names of places, persons, dates, etc.

My memories bring me to a time and place in which my right brain made me believe that love is eternal and everlasting, that love is indeed unconditional; that love transcends the mundane and physical.

For a while, I basked in this thought and truly believed in its reality. But I guess my left brain refused to give in.

I woke up one day to learn that my left hippocampus has won; that all we get from love is a love song and some broken chords; that it is a fact that true love never dies (my right speaking), but reality bites - not all relationships are meant to be fulfilled (my left speaking), and that life has to go on in spite of this glaring and painful fact.

Drawing by ZZan - The Wild and Free

This work of art has been created by that person in my right hippocampus.

Does he still remember me?

Does he still read what I write?

I hope he does, even once in a while.

I hope he could say hi.

And I hope he does not mind my posting one of his wonderful works of art; which I treasure even up to this day.


Attract the Opposite Gender With Your Perfume

Do you know that some female animals, like ants, attract their mates by releasing pheromones which the male could smell even from a distance? These pheromones emit a particular odor that indicates the female is ready for the male counterpart.

Even in human beings, the sense of smell is one significant method by which both genders attract each other.

The pleasurable and pleasant smell of a person is one of the prime magnets that make a person sexy and appealing. Who wouldn’t want to be near a person who smells like roses, or who smells like the vibrant spring?

I am one of those persons who get attracted by the sense of smell. I had been collecting different types of perfumes as long as I could remember. I believe that perfumes and colognes should be a vital part of a person’s daily regimen. This is an essential part of good grooming.

Women most especially, should never go without a dash of perfume. A few of my favorites are channel 5 and anais anais.

If you want to venture into a new world of exotic and pleasurable scents, then I invite you here.

Choose a scent that would smell even fresher when it mixes with your skin and tissue juices.

Experiment and discover what type perfume would enhance your personality and attractiveness.

Be audacious and try on new scents which are still uncommon with most people; and determine what is best for you.

How would you know what scent works best for you?

Try spraying some in your hand and wait for a few minutes. Smell and observe the resulting scent. There are some perfumes which when mixed with your “scent” would not be complimentary. There are those which would smell even fresher when applied to your skin.

A few prefer to spray perfume on their clothing. Apply minimal amount behind your ears and at pulse points (radial pulse at the wrist or the elbow bend) to enhance the fragrance.

Discover your particular perfume and discover yourself!


Furniture Store

Everyone has a dream house. Even when I was a child I dreamt of living in the countryside; where the air was fresh and clean, where there was peace and calm; where there was quiet and solitude. I still have this dream up to this day; and so I dream on...

The house should be atop a hill or a mountain overlooking the magnificent view below. I love nature and would be delighted to commune with it every morning.

My house though, would not be a hut, but a modest mansion. Although, I want to live in the mountains far from the city, I would like my house to be complete with the amenities that I could afford.

A living room that should have the most Modern Furniture available; a sprawling sofa, a flat wide digital TV, a sturdy china cabinet, or the Contemporary Furniture that would be the pride of anyone owning it.

I find Italian Furniture too enthralling with the almost ethnic designs which remind me of my roots in Kalinga.

For my kitchen, I want all the modern amenities that technology could provide. Count in a dishwasher for good measure. I don’t want to spend my time doing all the household chores that could be done by a machine.

My Bedroom Furniture should be foremost comfortable. I like big fluffy pillows all around me when I sleep; and a big family bed because I move a lot in my sleep; perhaps because of my colorful dream experiences?

And of course, I want my room to be cool and conducive to sleep with Designer Furniture that would be visually attractive. That means that I will have to have an airconditioner and my own electric generator; so when it is the summer months, I could turn it on anytime I feel the heat suffocating me.
A beautifully manicured garden should be in my backyard, with swings or shades where I could spend the time when I wanted to write outdoors. I would also like a swimming pool where I could take a dip on summer evenings.
Photo by Randy Son Of Robert
I want all of these, because when I retire, I plan to pursue that one dream, I have been wishing for my whole life – to write to my heart’s content without any intrusion!

I wish I would be able to fulfill this dream.


Where to find great search engine optimization articles

The Internet is a plethora of information on various topics ever conceived by man.
One most sought after topic is "Search Engine Optimization (SEO)."
There are millions of websites all with their own version of SEO and related topics.
Photo by striatic
Here are some websites which provide sufficient articles to turn you into a professional web optimizer.

The Elements of Egyptian Fashion History That Affect Today's Style

The Egyptian influence in fashion has been around us quite predominantly but sometimes we fail to notice this, because it has been modified and enhanced to suit the modern woman/man.
The following are exotic, Egyptian fashion influences that are found today:
The "kalasiris"
This is a very simple but elegantly designed tunic which was worn by both genders during the olden times in Egypt.


Guidelines for Proper Hand Hygiene

Proper hand hygiene has been proven to be the best practice of preventing infection and decreasing the spread of disease.
The hands too should be properly taken cared of because of its vital function in the body. What are the guidelines to proper hand hygiene? What are the procedures to ensure that your hands are always clean?


Hello Guys, Let's All Welcome My Sister

Let’s all welcome my sister to the blogging world!

She has 2 blogs: Candid Mom Reviews and Diary of a Start-Up Mom. My sis Marylyn is the sweetest of the lot; she’s not as “talkative” as I am, but she’s definitely smarter!

But I don’t mind, as it makes me proud to know that she is doing well in whatever goals she sets herself to achieve.

Her Candid Mom Reviews is a blog about almost anything under the sun, from groceries to her kid’s daily adventures.

The other blog is the Diary of a Start-Up Mom which deals with internet resources and opportunities.

Do pay a visit to her blogs.


Sure Ways to Earn Money On Line

I wanted to share this with all readers because I want to share my good fortune; and I also want others to know about legitimate ways to earn money online . I have meant to write about this topic last week but due to various writing opportunities that came my way, I could barely attend to my blogs, except to drop some cards and comment on some interesting posts.

I started blogging since March of this year. At first, I just blogged because I wanted to write, to bring out some of my thoughts lest they’ll burst out of my brain. Lol...

I had come across blogs that talked about earning online and had read somewhere that one can earn real money from blogging.

I thought if I can catch two birds with one stone then so much the better, so I added my Google adsense ads. I was dismayed to learn that it barely earned for me. It took me months to earn $15. I tried bidvertiser, clixsense,, home page earnings, but I have given them up altogether as I didn’t earn anything even close to a dollar. I tried Performancing ads too, but it seems they have some problems (See Turnip's blog for updates on this) so I decided to delete all their ads.

I tried also smorty, but I did no see any writing opportunities there or ways to earn a respectable amount of money, so I also decided to delete it.

Then I came across MyLot forum. I was happy I did, because I joined primarily to interact with global users through discussions, questions and answers. I found to my delight that they pay you for posting and replying, so I reached their payout ($10) within 3 weeks. I have earned more than $15 , which was the first real money I earned on line. You earn much more depending on your dedication and quality responses. Then I met through my lot writers who wrote for other sites, that was when I came to learn about

I was skeptical at first when I read them posting about how they were earning more than a $100 dollars a month. I thought it was impossible, because of my previous experiences. A dollar a day would be good enough and I was earning $1.65 at MyLot.

But I thought again, there was no harm in trying. I registered at Helium and posted a few of my articles from my blogs. I was glad they allowed this, as I can’t find time to write new ones.

Photo by _StaR_DusT_

I browsed around the site and discovered that a writer can make money several ways: the marketplace, citizen’s contests, writing contests, rewardathons, WSP and so many more. Reluctantly I joined their Writing contest on the topic Nutrition and Basics. I wrote 7 short articles (400 minimum words) and forgot all about it.

I did visit the site now and then but had stopped hoping to win when I saw my rank below 50 %.

You could just imagine my surprise therefore, when I received $40 in my helium account. When I checked where it came from, it was from , Adopt a Title Contest. I was so happy! I know now, it really is an unbiased site as I won, even if I don't know anyone there.

From then on, I browsed all available writing opportunities they offered. I earned another $22 from their summer Rewardathon, a WSP (Writer’s Stimulus Package) and also still earning daily from my page views.

Every week, they change the topic of the Writing Contest and this week, they have “Conditions and Diseases” which I am quite familiar with so I’m going to join.

The past week, my rank went 1, 2, 3 and then down. I hope I’ll win, but if I don’t, I still have my page views as earnings from the articles that I wrote.

I could not imagine writing a total number of 78 articles if not for Helium. The site motivated me to write and write and write, because I am able to compete among the best and improve my craft as well.

And I have also written for the Marketplace, in which advertisers pay writers for articles they have selected for their products. They usually pay you within the range of $24 to $176 depending on the article needed.

Photo by Chaparral [Kendra]

I am barely a month there but I have earned already $ 72 and still the earnings are coming in for the on going contests, marketplace offers, and the page views I get daily which would be a lifetime income for me.

What’s good about helium is that, except for the MARKETPLACE, I can submit previously posted articles from my blogs as long as I wrote them.

Now, I believe that you can earn big money online if you are in the right site and you are dedicated and have a passion for writing. (and mind you, this is not a paid post!) I'll be earning if you'll make me your referral, but that does not really matter to me. You can go directly to Helium and register, just do it! I just want you not to miss this chance of a lifetime!

What are you waiting for? Come and join me and get paid for doing what you enjoy most- WRITING!