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Making a Choice Between Multivitamins

Choosing the appropriate multi-vitamin for a person is important so that its maximum benefits could be obtained. TDM (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring) usually does this when time permits and the person is willing to undergo the procedure.

In therapeutic drug monitoring, drugs are administered to a certain person and observed for its therapeutic effect. The drug dosage is adjusted until such time that the dosage is therapeutic and neither sub-therapeutic nor toxic to the person.

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A more practical way is to take into account all of the factors that may affect the ingestion of the drug. In this process there are several factors that should be taken into consideration.

First and foremost is the physiologic make-up of the person. The "organ function" should be considered first. Does the person have a dysfunctional liver or heart? Is his excretory organ functionally well?

The vitamins for a person with a heart ailment should be one that has no side effects on his heart; likewise the vitamins of persons who have dysfunctional livers would have to have no toxic side-effects on his liver. Organs that are functioning normally would ensure that the purported boosting effects of the multi-vitamins would come about.

Second, the age of the person. Very young children and very old people usually have a slower body metabolism. Young people in their teenage years have the strongest. That is why vitamins are not commonly given at birth but only after 2 months. For geriatric (old) patients, the same principle applies too. The easily metabolized vitamin is a good choice.

Third, is the weight or body mass of the person. The higher the weight and body mass, the stronger would be the dosage. There are vitamins which have a higher concentration than others.
These maybe selected for optimum results for those with higher body mass.

Fourth, the economic status of the person.

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The question: "Could he afford the prolonged maintenance of the multi-vitamins? If not, then cheaper alternatives should be selected. It is of no use if the person just takes the vitamins for a week then stops because he cannot afford to buy.

Fifth, the effectiveness of the multi-vitamins as documented by people who have used them. The best advertisement of a product is still through word of mouth from actual users.

Sometimes, it is only through trial and error that one would be able to choose the correct multi- vitamins for himself/herself. It is still an individual

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Beneficial Effects of Sunlight ( Early Morning Sun)

Sunlight or sunshine always denotes happiness and joy. It is because most of us associate light with the good, happy and beautiful. Sunlight also brightens our day as compared to what darkness or lack of sunlight brings to us.

We have believed that these positive thoughts associated with sunshine are only based on our perceptions, but this is not so because Science now has proven that there are scientific evidences that connect sunlight to various beneficial effects.

The following have been proven as the beneficial effects of sunlight in our lives.

1. A condition termed Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a very appropriate term for the condition, has been found in persons who were not exposed to sunlight. The condition is characterized by a general sense of melancholia, depressions, bouts of mood swings, and an increased desire for food and sleep.

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This is because the lack of sunlight lowers serotonin which is the hormone that is usually elevated when a person is happy. Serotonin interacts with other hormones like melatonin to balance a person's condition.

People who have SAD were greatly cured of the condition after constant exposure to sunlight. That is why when it is winter and dark, we oftentimes call it a gloomy weather, because we feel "low", due to decreased serotonin levels.

It has been proven that even artificial light could also cure the condition.

2. Vitamin D, which is essential for the skin, bones and hair growth, is derived from the sun. Without the sun the production of vitamin D would not take place because of the active role of sunlight in this process.

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3. Sunlight is also utilized as treatment for physiologic jaundice. This is a condition that occurs commonly in newborn infants in which there is a yellow discoloration of the sclera of the eyes and the skin due to bilirubin elevation. Bilirubin is an end product of Red Blood Cells (RBCs) degradation.

The infant is usually exposed to sunlight for several minutes during the early morning when the sun's rays are still mild, because if this is left untreated, it could manifest to a liver disorder.

4. Sunlight is also used as a sterilizing agent. When we do not have the means to kill bacteria, we expose the suspected contaminated material to extreme sunlight.

Many bacteria, viruses and viable substances are killed by prolonged exposure under direct sunlight.

A specific example is Neisseria gonorrhea which dies in the open air under hours of exposure to sunlight, when the purulent discharge coming from the disease has dried up; so with lots of pathogenic bacteria.

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5. Sunlight provides a spectrum of light so we could see and visualize the beauty of things around us. Science had established that without sunlight, we are unable to "see". Imagine how the world would look like if there is total darkness.

There are still several beneficial effects of sunlight in our lives. We must however know how to use this properly as excessive abuse of its use could achieve the opposite effect; it could be detrimental to health; skin cancer has been known to come from prolonged exposure to UV sunlight.

Moderation, therefore, is the key word. So, do not be afraid to expose yourself to the early morning sunlight. It is good for your mental and physiological health.
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Obama Wins Over McCain in the Historic American Elections

I don't usually write articles about politics and I was not really a die-hard follower of the developments in the recently concluded American elections, but I was curious to know who won, so I scanned Yahoo News and got this excerpt:

"This is an historic election, and I recognize the special significance it has for African-Americans and the special pride that must be theirs tonight," McCain said. "These are difficult times for our country. And I pledge to him tonight to do all in my power to help him lead us through the many challenges we face."

I can’t put exactly a finger, as to why I suddenly felt a lump in my throat. The lump in my throat got even more pronounced when I watched President Obama’s speech in Chicago after his electoral victory.

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He talked about the United States still being one in spite of differences in color, religion, race, and individual preferences. As I was watching him speak, I grew maudlin. Perhaps because I admire how both candidates were gracious in defeat and victory, or because for the first time in history – the seemingly impossible feat has taken place – a black American has been elected to the highest position in one of the most powerful countries in the world, or simply because in my heart, I was wishing Philippine politics would be like the same – clean and unrigged; that losers would graciously accept their defeat; and that everyone would work together after the elections, for the betterment of the nation.

But sadly, this is not what is happening here in my own country. Presently in the locality where I live, the losers of the elections are now still trying to recall the proclamation of the Governor elect of the province.

Why do they have to do that? If they really wanted to help the people, they can do so, even if they are not in Office. It is clearly apparent that their agenda is not service for the people but for their own selfish motives.

I perform my obligations dutifully as a citizen of my country. I fulfill all my responsibilities to the best of my ability, but still…

I pray that our corrupt politicians would eschew their self-interests and genuinely think of the welfare of their constituents. These bad eggs are destroying the true democratic spirit of Philippine politics.

And all I can do, for now, is pray!