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Marriage and the Vital Role of Sharing

Sharing is vital in a marriage because marriage is a partnership. Marriage does not occur unless there are two consenting adults who vow "to have and to hold" each other; marriage does not occur too, unless there are couples who consummate their involvement with each other through a personal and intimate physical union.

This fact alone indicates that sharing is one very important aspect of marriage; that it is a partnership in which each one is expected to have an equal obligation of all things that should be shared.

What are the things that married couples should share? Shared activities of couples include several simple but bond strengthening processes.

One primary activity that should be shared is time. Married couples should find time to spend with each other and share each other's thoughts, concepts, feelings and what-nots.

One successful couple I know, spent at least one hour everyday with each other. They talk about nothing in particular but just share their thoughts with each other. They share what transpired during the day.

They talk about their plans for the morrow. They talk about the things that they had problems with. They share their visions and their dreams with each other. Couples who do this usually have a long lasting relationship because they get to understand each other more.

Responsibilities should be shared also. They should agree on who takes care of each of the various responsibilities that come with marriage. When responsibilities are shared, there is a sense of belongingness and oneness that would make the marriage stronger.

A financial obligation is one of these. A clear agreement would avoid misunderstandings that could arise from this aspect. There are lots of marriages which have gone sour because of financial disagreements. It should be made clear who pays for this and that bill.

Household chores should also be shared. Who should cook? Who should iron the clothes? Who should wash the dishes? These may seem trivial but when these are coupled with work related stress and pressure, they can be taxing.

Couples should help each other out in this aspect. They would discover the joy of doing the dishes together, of the happiness of being able to cook food together.

Rearing children is a great, shared responsibility - the greatest of all. Since they have willingly consented to procreation and literally "made" their children together, they should also be willing to share in the enormous task of taking care of their children.

What a wonderful family it would be, when the mother and father agrees to commit themselves to share in the upbringing of their kids in an atmosphere of mutual sharing and love.

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I have an on-going call for comments at my blog: "A Campaign for Non-Violence on Children's TV Programs" ,

Wouldn't it be wonderful to know your thoughts on this? (pros or cons)

Kindly click on the link and contribute your thoughts and win great prizes.


In Support of Roy -The Struggling Blogger for His Chance to Win at Technology Talks

Technology Talks is presently conducting a Free Domain Hosting contest, (this is very generous of Technology Talks, may their tribe increase), and because this friend is a Cabalen, a true blogger through and through, a kind-hearted soul and a good father - I vote for him.

I give my full support for none other than - Roy of The Struggling Blogger. I would like him to win the contest.

If anyone of you, out there, wants to help Roy, a fellow, dedicated blogger to win this free domain hosting; then by all means, kindly post a similar article (with the same links) in your blog, expressing your support for him.

Thanks and happy holidays.

More power to you Roy, and good luck!


Tips on Christmas Gifts for Your Teen Girls

Teenagers are very hard to please. You have to be in the same frequency as their brain wavelengths to be able to discern which Christmas gifts they would most appreciate. Here are some gift ideas that could help you decide gifts for your teen girls:

1. Gift certificates

You will never go wrong with these certificates! They could range from as low as $ 50 to $ 1000 or more. With these certificates, they are given the freedom to choose what they would truly want.

Buy the gift certificate from a department store that is large enough to provide her with several options; from gadgets, to make-ups, to stuffed toys, to appliances and many more.

This will also save you the headache of deciding what best to buy for her. The price could also be adjustable according to your available budget.

She would be happy too, that you're treating her as an adult by allowing her to decide.

2. Cell phones

Teenagers would welcome the latest cell phones available in the market. It would make them "cool" in the eyes of their peers. Remember, this is one of their utmost concerns, to be accepted and looked up to by their friends. Belongingness is vital at this stage of their lives.

3. Dresses in fashion

Teen girls dress up for fashion. They don't want to be considered nerds or pariahs among their peers. Balance your taste between her comfort and the on-going fashion. If the present fashion does not cater to your taste, don't worry so much as your fashion several years ago; likewise, does not cater to her taste. Each generation has their own sense of how people should be dressed, so you must respect hers.

by dreamcicle19772006

As long as the dress does not shock your sensibilities and does not show half of her soul, then it would be okay.

4. The latest iPod model

This is assuming that you have enough financial resources to buy this. A teenager usually looks "cool" to her peers when she owns the latest of anything. Of course, you have to make her realize that this is not necessarily the case; that good character is still the genuine factor that makes someone cool.

5. Jewelry

Trendy and fashionable ear rings, necklaces and bracelets, even if they're not 18 carat gold, are welcomed by teen girls.

In fact, online it is one of the most ordered commodity - tinker bells, juicy couture and many more. You could also order her birthstone. Make it more meaningful by personalizing it with her name engraved on it.

6. Scent collections

A set of scents that would suit her different moods would be good. Teen girls usually want to experiment with scents. If your budget is not enough then opt not for the purse concentrates but the diluted colognes or sprays which are usually cheaper.

Photo by Manassas Cakery

7. Cameras

Digital cameras which are handy are trendy to teenagers. Buy the color that she likes
and personalize it. A teen girl is struggling to establish her identity and adulthood and nothing would beat the exhilarating feeling of knowing that she has full possession of the object.

Whatever you decide to give your teen girl for Christmas, always do it with love.
Love is still the vital factor that would make a Christmas gift complete and meaningful.

Happy holidays!

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Filipinos, Say no to Charter Change (Cha-Cha)

From You Tube

Do we really need a charter change? Or are shrewd politicians utilizing this as a way to advance their self-interests?

This video was passed on by Roy of The Struggling Blogger, who incidentally wrote an article - "Bloggers' Connection" about The Inspirational Book which yours truly will be self-publishing next year. Thanks Roy for that generous write-up, I appreciate it a lot. Good luck in all your endeavors. Mabuhay ka cabalen!


Let's All Welcome a New Blogger!

Let’s all welcome to the blogging world my dearest friend from India - Krishna.
He was reluctant at first to create a blog but I prodded him on. I assured him that we are a friendly lot here in the blogging world, and I was able to convince him.

Now he had created his blog: "KRISHNA'S MUSINGS" and had written his first post within 15 minutes. He had to hurry to a significant task. But he promises to attend to blogging eventually. His first ever topic: "Terrorism in India and Abroad" is a good read (although written in a few minutes).

Why don't you pay him a visit and leave a comment. I am sure this would motivate him to write more of his great thoughts.

Let’s all support a new blogger and welcome him to our exciting world of blogging. Thanks.

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Making a Choice Between Multivitamins

Choosing the appropriate multi-vitamin for a person is important so that its maximum benefits could be obtained. TDM (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring) usually does this when time permits and the person is willing to undergo the procedure.

In therapeutic drug monitoring, drugs are administered to a certain person and observed for its therapeutic effect. The drug dosage is adjusted until such time that the dosage is therapeutic and neither sub-therapeutic nor toxic to the person.

Photo by vieux bandit

A more practical way is to take into account all of the factors that may affect the ingestion of the drug. In this process there are several factors that should be taken into consideration.

First and foremost is the physiologic make-up of the person. The "organ function" should be considered first. Does the person have a dysfunctional liver or heart? Is his excretory organ functionally well?

The vitamins for a person with a heart ailment should be one that has no side effects on his heart; likewise the vitamins of persons who have dysfunctional livers would have to have no toxic side-effects on his liver. Organs that are functioning normally would ensure that the purported boosting effects of the multi-vitamins would come about.

Second, the age of the person. Very young children and very old people usually have a slower body metabolism. Young people in their teenage years have the strongest. That is why vitamins are not commonly given at birth but only after 2 months. For geriatric (old) patients, the same principle applies too. The easily metabolized vitamin is a good choice.

Third, is the weight or body mass of the person. The higher the weight and body mass, the stronger would be the dosage. There are vitamins which have a higher concentration than others.
These maybe selected for optimum results for those with higher body mass.

Fourth, the economic status of the person.

Photo by mikebaird

The question: "Could he afford the prolonged maintenance of the multi-vitamins? If not, then cheaper alternatives should be selected. It is of no use if the person just takes the vitamins for a week then stops because he cannot afford to buy.

Fifth, the effectiveness of the multi-vitamins as documented by people who have used them. The best advertisement of a product is still through word of mouth from actual users.

Sometimes, it is only through trial and error that one would be able to choose the correct multi- vitamins for himself/herself. It is still an individual

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Beneficial Effects of Sunlight ( Early Morning Sun)

Sunlight or sunshine always denotes happiness and joy. It is because most of us associate light with the good, happy and beautiful. Sunlight also brightens our day as compared to what darkness or lack of sunlight brings to us.

We have believed that these positive thoughts associated with sunshine are only based on our perceptions, but this is not so because Science now has proven that there are scientific evidences that connect sunlight to various beneficial effects.

The following have been proven as the beneficial effects of sunlight in our lives.

1. A condition termed Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a very appropriate term for the condition, has been found in persons who were not exposed to sunlight. The condition is characterized by a general sense of melancholia, depressions, bouts of mood swings, and an increased desire for food and sleep.

Photo by MHJohnston

This is because the lack of sunlight lowers serotonin which is the hormone that is usually elevated when a person is happy. Serotonin interacts with other hormones like melatonin to balance a person's condition.

People who have SAD were greatly cured of the condition after constant exposure to sunlight. That is why when it is winter and dark, we oftentimes call it a gloomy weather, because we feel "low", due to decreased serotonin levels.

It has been proven that even artificial light could also cure the condition.

2. Vitamin D, which is essential for the skin, bones and hair growth, is derived from the sun. Without the sun the production of vitamin D would not take place because of the active role of sunlight in this process.

Photo by bradleyolin

3. Sunlight is also utilized as treatment for physiologic jaundice. This is a condition that occurs commonly in newborn infants in which there is a yellow discoloration of the sclera of the eyes and the skin due to bilirubin elevation. Bilirubin is an end product of Red Blood Cells (RBCs) degradation.

The infant is usually exposed to sunlight for several minutes during the early morning when the sun's rays are still mild, because if this is left untreated, it could manifest to a liver disorder.

4. Sunlight is also used as a sterilizing agent. When we do not have the means to kill bacteria, we expose the suspected contaminated material to extreme sunlight.

Many bacteria, viruses and viable substances are killed by prolonged exposure under direct sunlight.

A specific example is Neisseria gonorrhea which dies in the open air under hours of exposure to sunlight, when the purulent discharge coming from the disease has dried up; so with lots of pathogenic bacteria.

Photo by phault

5. Sunlight provides a spectrum of light so we could see and visualize the beauty of things around us. Science had established that without sunlight, we are unable to "see". Imagine how the world would look like if there is total darkness.

There are still several beneficial effects of sunlight in our lives. We must however know how to use this properly as excessive abuse of its use could achieve the opposite effect; it could be detrimental to health; skin cancer has been known to come from prolonged exposure to UV sunlight.

Moderation, therefore, is the key word. So, do not be afraid to expose yourself to the early morning sunlight. It is good for your mental and physiological health.
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Obama Wins Over McCain in the Historic American Elections

I don't usually write articles about politics and I was not really a die-hard follower of the developments in the recently concluded American elections, but I was curious to know who won, so I scanned Yahoo News and got this excerpt:

"This is an historic election, and I recognize the special significance it has for African-Americans and the special pride that must be theirs tonight," McCain said. "These are difficult times for our country. And I pledge to him tonight to do all in my power to help him lead us through the many challenges we face."

I can’t put exactly a finger, as to why I suddenly felt a lump in my throat. The lump in my throat got even more pronounced when I watched President Obama’s speech in Chicago after his electoral victory.

Photo by Abangbay

He talked about the United States still being one in spite of differences in color, religion, race, and individual preferences. As I was watching him speak, I grew maudlin. Perhaps because I admire how both candidates were gracious in defeat and victory, or because for the first time in history – the seemingly impossible feat has taken place – a black American has been elected to the highest position in one of the most powerful countries in the world, or simply because in my heart, I was wishing Philippine politics would be like the same – clean and unrigged; that losers would graciously accept their defeat; and that everyone would work together after the elections, for the betterment of the nation.

But sadly, this is not what is happening here in my own country. Presently in the locality where I live, the losers of the elections are now still trying to recall the proclamation of the Governor elect of the province.

Why do they have to do that? If they really wanted to help the people, they can do so, even if they are not in Office. It is clearly apparent that their agenda is not service for the people but for their own selfish motives.

I perform my obligations dutifully as a citizen of my country. I fulfill all my responsibilities to the best of my ability, but still…

I pray that our corrupt politicians would eschew their self-interests and genuinely think of the welfare of their constituents. These bad eggs are destroying the true democratic spirit of Philippine politics.

And all I can do, for now, is pray!


What Web Hosting Is All About and What It Can Do For You

I discovered blogging accidentally when I was researching in the internet about a dissertation I was working on entitled: Web Based Instructional Materials.

Since English is my second language, I had a hard time doing this. I did not even know what blogging was all about; more so with related terms like HTML, XML, widgets, URLs. It was a new world for me (I wrote about this in a previous post).

Through trial and error I learned about blogging, and I would like to think I had graduated from the rudiments of blogging as presently I am looking into web hosting, owning my own domain, and having my own domain name.

Web Hosting is defined as creating your own domain name and allowing a second party to host your site or blog. You have to let someone host your site because you do not have the access to the internet unless you have a server and the technical gizmos of owning a "space" .

Photo by Tim Dorr

Web hosting can come in a variety of styles. We have the free web hosting which is apparently what I am using now. We have also the multiple domain hosting, in which you can employ one web host or several web hosts for your sites, and many more.

You should know the basics of web hosting and know exactly what you want your site to achieve, so you could select an appropriate web host and hosting style.

You should also have to make sure that your web host is a reliable host, and could help you in the technical aspect of your site, an example is interworx which could provide you with this and many more.

There are those web host sites that would lend you a helping hand when you need it, and there are those which leave you on your own. You have to be aware of all their terms and conditions before you decide to sign in.

Web hosting has paved the way for small bloggers to be able to have their sites accessed by people using the internet. Without it, blogging would not have been possible and I would not be here with you sharing all these. Happy web hosting!


The Traumatic Nightmare of Financial Problems and How To Overcome Them

I tossed and turned in bed as I stared blankly at the ceiling. Sleep was hard to come by as numerous thoughts crowded my mind. How I had wished then that I could escape to the peacefulness of blissful sleep, so I could forget all those problems besetting me. My nightmare occurred every time I woke up in the morning and not while I was sleeping.

It all started when I first obtained a loan from a bank, then I got another one from a financing company, and then I used my credit cards on furniture purchases. When payments were due, I was not able to fulfill my obligations as I have over shoot my appropriated budget.

The interest grew and became compounded until it was up to my neck. They were all demanding full payment or else they would be forced to elevate the matter through legal means. That was why; I could not sleep that night.

Photo by emdot

It was only then that I realized debts could be debilitating to a person’s confidence and moral fiber. How I had wished then that there would be a credit repair system that would have helped me. Unluckily, there was none for me then; so I painstakingly paid off my debts- little by little, month by month, until they became manageable.

I had to secure also the help of an attorney to set the terms to the creditors for me.

Do not allow yourself this misery; if you are in this predicament, you are fortunate that a credit repair system is available online.

It does not matter how bad your credit history is, or how many times you have been denied by credit companies, this superb service could remedy a credit dispute, improve credit and improve credit score status.

Don’t waste your precious sleep over your monetary problems. Worry no more, this company has the solution to your entire financial dilemma, they could repair your bad credit and restore your credibility!


The Hippocampi and Some Memories

The hippocampus is the part of the brain that is responsible for memory retention. The right side is believed to be the creative part of the brain, while the left side is the one in charge of simple recall.

The right side makes you dream and imagine the impossible, to make you aspire for the transcendental and noble. The left hippocampus allows you to remember names of places, persons, dates, etc.

My memories bring me to a time and place in which my right brain made me believe that love is eternal and everlasting, that love is indeed unconditional; that love transcends the mundane and physical.

For a while, I basked in this thought and truly believed in its reality. But I guess my left brain refused to give in.

I woke up one day to learn that my left hippocampus has won; that all we get from love is a love song and some broken chords; that it is a fact that true love never dies (my right speaking), but reality bites - not all relationships are meant to be fulfilled (my left speaking), and that life has to go on in spite of this glaring and painful fact.

Drawing by ZZan - The Wild and Free

This work of art has been created by that person in my right hippocampus.

Does he still remember me?

Does he still read what I write?

I hope he does, even once in a while.

I hope he could say hi.

And I hope he does not mind my posting one of his wonderful works of art; which I treasure even up to this day.


Attract the Opposite Gender With Your Perfume

Do you know that some female animals, like ants, attract their mates by releasing pheromones which the male could smell even from a distance? These pheromones emit a particular odor that indicates the female is ready for the male counterpart.

Even in human beings, the sense of smell is one significant method by which both genders attract each other.

The pleasurable and pleasant smell of a person is one of the prime magnets that make a person sexy and appealing. Who wouldn’t want to be near a person who smells like roses, or who smells like the vibrant spring?

I am one of those persons who get attracted by the sense of smell. I had been collecting different types of perfumes as long as I could remember. I believe that perfumes and colognes should be a vital part of a person’s daily regimen. This is an essential part of good grooming.

Women most especially, should never go without a dash of perfume. A few of my favorites are channel 5 and anais anais.

If you want to venture into a new world of exotic and pleasurable scents, then I invite you here.

Choose a scent that would smell even fresher when it mixes with your skin and tissue juices.

Experiment and discover what type perfume would enhance your personality and attractiveness.

Be audacious and try on new scents which are still uncommon with most people; and determine what is best for you.

How would you know what scent works best for you?

Try spraying some in your hand and wait for a few minutes. Smell and observe the resulting scent. There are some perfumes which when mixed with your “scent” would not be complimentary. There are those which would smell even fresher when applied to your skin.

A few prefer to spray perfume on their clothing. Apply minimal amount behind your ears and at pulse points (radial pulse at the wrist or the elbow bend) to enhance the fragrance.

Discover your particular perfume and discover yourself!


Furniture Store

Everyone has a dream house. Even when I was a child I dreamt of living in the countryside; where the air was fresh and clean, where there was peace and calm; where there was quiet and solitude. I still have this dream up to this day; and so I dream on...

The house should be atop a hill or a mountain overlooking the magnificent view below. I love nature and would be delighted to commune with it every morning.

My house though, would not be a hut, but a modest mansion. Although, I want to live in the mountains far from the city, I would like my house to be complete with the amenities that I could afford.

A living room that should have the most Modern Furniture available; a sprawling sofa, a flat wide digital TV, a sturdy china cabinet, or the Contemporary Furniture that would be the pride of anyone owning it.

I find Italian Furniture too enthralling with the almost ethnic designs which remind me of my roots in Kalinga.

For my kitchen, I want all the modern amenities that technology could provide. Count in a dishwasher for good measure. I don’t want to spend my time doing all the household chores that could be done by a machine.

My Bedroom Furniture should be foremost comfortable. I like big fluffy pillows all around me when I sleep; and a big family bed because I move a lot in my sleep; perhaps because of my colorful dream experiences?

And of course, I want my room to be cool and conducive to sleep with Designer Furniture that would be visually attractive. That means that I will have to have an airconditioner and my own electric generator; so when it is the summer months, I could turn it on anytime I feel the heat suffocating me.
A beautifully manicured garden should be in my backyard, with swings or shades where I could spend the time when I wanted to write outdoors. I would also like a swimming pool where I could take a dip on summer evenings.
Photo by Randy Son Of Robert
I want all of these, because when I retire, I plan to pursue that one dream, I have been wishing for my whole life – to write to my heart’s content without any intrusion!

I wish I would be able to fulfill this dream.


Where to find great search engine optimization articles

The Internet is a plethora of information on various topics ever conceived by man.
One most sought after topic is "Search Engine Optimization (SEO)."
There are millions of websites all with their own version of SEO and related topics.
Photo by striatic
Here are some websites which provide sufficient articles to turn you into a professional web optimizer.

The Elements of Egyptian Fashion History That Affect Today's Style

The Egyptian influence in fashion has been around us quite predominantly but sometimes we fail to notice this, because it has been modified and enhanced to suit the modern woman/man.
The following are exotic, Egyptian fashion influences that are found today:
The "kalasiris"
This is a very simple but elegantly designed tunic which was worn by both genders during the olden times in Egypt.


Guidelines for Proper Hand Hygiene

Proper hand hygiene has been proven to be the best practice of preventing infection and decreasing the spread of disease.
The hands too should be properly taken cared of because of its vital function in the body. What are the guidelines to proper hand hygiene? What are the procedures to ensure that your hands are always clean?


Hello Guys, Let's All Welcome My Sister

Let’s all welcome my sister to the blogging world!

She has 2 blogs: Candid Mom Reviews and Diary of a Start-Up Mom. My sis Marylyn is the sweetest of the lot; she’s not as “talkative” as I am, but she’s definitely smarter!

But I don’t mind, as it makes me proud to know that she is doing well in whatever goals she sets herself to achieve.

Her Candid Mom Reviews is a blog about almost anything under the sun, from groceries to her kid’s daily adventures.

The other blog is the Diary of a Start-Up Mom which deals with internet resources and opportunities.

Do pay a visit to her blogs.


Sure Ways to Earn Money On Line

I wanted to share this with all readers because I want to share my good fortune; and I also want others to know about legitimate ways to earn money online . I have meant to write about this topic last week but due to various writing opportunities that came my way, I could barely attend to my blogs, except to drop some cards and comment on some interesting posts.

I started blogging since March of this year. At first, I just blogged because I wanted to write, to bring out some of my thoughts lest they’ll burst out of my brain. Lol...

I had come across blogs that talked about earning online and had read somewhere that one can earn real money from blogging.

I thought if I can catch two birds with one stone then so much the better, so I added my Google adsense ads. I was dismayed to learn that it barely earned for me. It took me months to earn $15. I tried bidvertiser, clixsense,, home page earnings, but I have given them up altogether as I didn’t earn anything even close to a dollar. I tried Performancing ads too, but it seems they have some problems (See Turnip's blog for updates on this) so I decided to delete all their ads.

I tried also smorty, but I did no see any writing opportunities there or ways to earn a respectable amount of money, so I also decided to delete it.

Then I came across MyLot forum. I was happy I did, because I joined primarily to interact with global users through discussions, questions and answers. I found to my delight that they pay you for posting and replying, so I reached their payout ($10) within 3 weeks. I have earned more than $15 , which was the first real money I earned on line. You earn much more depending on your dedication and quality responses. Then I met through my lot writers who wrote for other sites, that was when I came to learn about

I was skeptical at first when I read them posting about how they were earning more than a $100 dollars a month. I thought it was impossible, because of my previous experiences. A dollar a day would be good enough and I was earning $1.65 at MyLot.

But I thought again, there was no harm in trying. I registered at Helium and posted a few of my articles from my blogs. I was glad they allowed this, as I can’t find time to write new ones.

Photo by _StaR_DusT_

I browsed around the site and discovered that a writer can make money several ways: the marketplace, citizen’s contests, writing contests, rewardathons, WSP and so many more. Reluctantly I joined their Writing contest on the topic Nutrition and Basics. I wrote 7 short articles (400 minimum words) and forgot all about it.

I did visit the site now and then but had stopped hoping to win when I saw my rank below 50 %.

You could just imagine my surprise therefore, when I received $40 in my helium account. When I checked where it came from, it was from , Adopt a Title Contest. I was so happy! I know now, it really is an unbiased site as I won, even if I don't know anyone there.

From then on, I browsed all available writing opportunities they offered. I earned another $22 from their summer Rewardathon, a WSP (Writer’s Stimulus Package) and also still earning daily from my page views.

Every week, they change the topic of the Writing Contest and this week, they have “Conditions and Diseases” which I am quite familiar with so I’m going to join.

The past week, my rank went 1, 2, 3 and then down. I hope I’ll win, but if I don’t, I still have my page views as earnings from the articles that I wrote.

I could not imagine writing a total number of 78 articles if not for Helium. The site motivated me to write and write and write, because I am able to compete among the best and improve my craft as well.

And I have also written for the Marketplace, in which advertisers pay writers for articles they have selected for their products. They usually pay you within the range of $24 to $176 depending on the article needed.

Photo by Chaparral [Kendra]

I am barely a month there but I have earned already $ 72 and still the earnings are coming in for the on going contests, marketplace offers, and the page views I get daily which would be a lifetime income for me.

What’s good about helium is that, except for the MARKETPLACE, I can submit previously posted articles from my blogs as long as I wrote them.

Now, I believe that you can earn big money online if you are in the right site and you are dedicated and have a passion for writing. (and mind you, this is not a paid post!) I'll be earning if you'll make me your referral, but that does not really matter to me. You can go directly to Helium and register, just do it! I just want you not to miss this chance of a lifetime!

What are you waiting for? Come and join me and get paid for doing what you enjoy most- WRITING!


Read These Interesting Articles From Helium

How to begin a local job search

A local job search is just the right place to begin, when you are looking for employment; not only because of its practical benefits but also of its cost-cutting advantages.
So how does one start a local job search?
First, you will have to know what type of job you want to be employed in. Of course the primary consideration would be your profession. This should be the first position that you should apply for.


Fiber recommendations for a healthy diet

Fibers are always vital to a healthy diet. This is because they reduce the risk of many pathologic conditions that could occur in the body.
Among the unhealthy conditions that a good fiber diet could prevent are constipation, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and malnutrition among others.


The Role of Philosophy in Religion

Philosophy has a vital, dynamic role in religion. This is because without philosophy, religion does not have any means of clarifying itself and proving the existence of God.
But what is philosophy? Philosophy is defined by Webster as: "The pursuit of wisdom". In short Philosophy is the study of life itself; the intricacies, problems and challenges that one encounters in life.



December, But Still Sweltering

The cold month of December is fast approaching but it is still hot and humid in the locality where I live.

This is probably because of global warming and the green house effect which we humans have created inadvertently; and of course I live in a tropical country.

In these humid atmosphere, a good and tried electric fan, ceiling fan or airdcondtioner is in order. One of these tried and tested ceiling fans are the "casablanca ceiling fans".
and "Ellington celing fans"

They are durable with all accesories and spare parts available. Various ceiling and electric fans are also available and they could be adjusted depending on your specifications.

An airconditioner could burn a hole in one's pocket and will greatly affect the household budget for the whole month;  so why don't you shift to these less expensive but equally effective fans?

Fans are cheaper and are more affordable for middle income families.

Buying good ceiling fans and elecric fans however, should be done with care and caution. Be sure that you get your hard earned - money's worth.

My Favorite Footwear

When I was a kid, I sometimes go without shoes or slippers. It was good to feel the cold damp earth tickling my soles and "refreshing" my feet. But time moves on and so does technology.

Now, I have to wear shoes - whether I like it or not- because going without it, would be like going naked in a public place.

I have trouble however in selecting my shoes as I am flat footed and almost all shoes hurt my feet. I have to let my feet be measured specifically (wide- toed shoes) because of this, and had them made to order.

The ready made shoes usually lasts only for a few weeks. And sometimes, when the new shoes hurt so much, I go back to wearing the tattered, old ones.
I have large bunions right now and I have a friend who was operated on because of bunions. This makes me doubly nervous of choosing the right shoes.

Then, my daughter who is abroad, gifted me with an Adidas. At first I ignored it, but when they have required us at work to undergo compulsory physical fitness program, I have to use it. It was the only rubber shoes I had in my possession.

Miracles of miracles, I felt so comfortable with it that I used it all day and the days after.

I also found luck with this wonderful online shop, with everything and anything available on the click of a keypad. I can now buy all the same, comfortable footwear that I now love using.

Now I don’t go without my favorite footwear, and I enjoy jogging because of it.


It’s Never Too Late


“I’d love to go and see my newest great-grandson,” my mother was saying. It was Christmas morning in 1998, and we had been invited to join a friend’s family for drinks at their pub near my home.

This was our first Christmas without my dad who had passed away around Easter time. None of us could face one of our traditional Christmases, gathered around my sister’s table. She lived near our parents and always invited us to join them. But that year, she and her husband had gone to a hotel, and I had collected Mum to come and stay with us about 100 miles away.

We were pleased to be able to start the day away from home with friends, and not have the time to reminisce and grow even more sad. Everyone made a fuss of Mum. She had made a real effort, dressing herself in a pleated black skirt and lacy top, and putting on a little make-up. She didn’t really look her 81 years.

“So why can’t you go and see the new baby?” someone said.

“Well, they live in Germany, you see. I’d have to go on a plane,” was Mum’s reply.

“But you could do that. It’s not far and wouldn’t take long, really.”
“But I’ve never been on a plane before.”
Photo by aka Kath

My parents were essentially home birds and Mum had never been out of Britain. Dad especially had never wanted to go far. I’d been still a baby and my sister hadn’t been born when he’d been spared the horrors of overseas in the war, because of a serious medical condition that nearly carried him off anyway. Once he recovered he spent the war years in Northern Ireland, the Scillies and Plymouth, which was horrific enough in the blitz. Many of the lads in his regiment never came home from the front. He lived until his 88th year and we were lucky to have him with us as long as we did.

The conversation I was eavesdropping on was continuing.

“Well, you shouldn’t let that stop you.”

“But I’m over 80 you know. I couldn’t go on my own.”

At this point, I stepped in.

“I’ll take you, Mum.” And I did.

My nephew, Brian, and his German wife, Heike, were more than happy for us to visit them, but advised us to wait till later in the year. I set about organising everything. First there was a passport needed and for that we had to have Mum’s birth certificate, which was nowhere to be found. Getting a copy entailed a 200 mile round trip to Newton Abbot register office. Mum’s doctor signed a photo and acquiring the passport was quite simple after that. Insurance wasn’t quite so easy and doctors’ letters were required before that was finally agreed.

The airline was happy to provide wheelchair access to the flight to Basle where we were to be met by the family. When we presented ourselves at Heathrow on a breezy Saturday in May, we were treated like VIPs. The facilities for wheelchair passengers and their companions far exceeded my expectations. No waiting in line to check in. We had comfortable seats and the staff came to us. When the time came to board, a bright young man with a reassuring smile brought the wheelchair and whisked us through all the formalities in no time. We reached our seats ahead of everyone else.

Mum was nervous. I had to hold her hand. But she was excited as well and giggled like a teenager, until the safety procedure demo had her worrying that she wouldn’t be able to remember it all. She held on tightly to my hand at take-off, then gazed through the little window at the receding earth, pointing out things she recognised. I was a pretty seasoned traveller, but I found I was seeing everything differently and felt as excited as she seemed to be.

When the clouds obscured the view below, she wondered how the pilot could find the way, and she marvelled indeed when we broke through to the brilliant sunshine above. Before long, the pilot was telling us that we should be able to glimpse Paris down to our left, and she bemoaned the fact that we were sitting on the wrong side of the aircraft.

She was even thrilled when I reminded her that we were flying to an airport in Switzerland, and we’d have to drive through a tiny part of France to reach Weil am Rein in Germany, where our family lived. Her first overseas trip and she’d experience three different countries.

Photo by jsbarrie

A couple of hours later we landed at Basle. A stewardess asked us to wait in our seats while the other passengers disembarked. When she came back, Mum thanked her shyly and told her that she’d just had her 82nd birthday and she had never flown before.

“Well, fancy that! This should be a double celebration. I won’t be a minute.” The stewardess rushed off and came back with four small bottles of champagne in a bag for me to carry away.

We hadn’t told her about the other reason to celebrate. But I’ll never forget the joy on my mother’s face as Brian stepped back from her embrace and lifted his six month old second son, Freddie, out of the car seat, holding him up for her to see. Her brilliant smile shone through tears as she spoke to him.

“Hello darling. Isn’t this wonderful. I thought I might never get to meet you at all.”

That evening, when Freddie and four year old Rudi were asleep, Brian, Heike, Mum and I sat in comfy chairs on the balcony of their first floor living room. We lifted our champagne glasses to Dad, who would have loved to witness this get-together with a new member of the family. Perhaps he was aware of it; we hoped so.

Mum lived another six years, and she did get to see Freddie again, and all of them, when they visited England a couple of times in the intervening years. But there had been no guarantees of that. She was frail after she lost Dad. And now that she’s gone, I have lovely memories of our trip together to the Rhine Country

There is, of course, a moral to this story. We should never give up on our dreams, no matter how old or frail we get. It’s never too late for opportunity to knock.


JEAN KNILL has two successful blogs to her name , Jean's Musings
and Jak's Blog. She is also a noted writer of Constant Content where she has discussed a variety of topics from The Infectious Romp that is Mamma Mia to Legends of The Three Gorges. She has this to say for herself:

"I started freelance writing in the early 1980s and have been been published in many UK magazines and newspapers, as well as in writing and travel e-zines. Until recently, I had to slot the writing in beside teaching and marketing projects. Now I have retired from these sidelines and am revelling in the freedom to write as much as I want."

Thanks Jean for this touching story. It brings forth happy memories and precious times with my family too.


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8 (Eight) Quotable Quotes From Popular People


Why 8?, Because it is the lucKy number of the year. The number 8 represents success, happiness
and most especially - hope.

1. "...I don't allow anybody to change me..." BRITNEY SPEARS in the Dateline Interview
when asked about how people will perceive her after the "eventful" things that happened to her life.

Photo by Viva Pinoy

2. "... the idea that marriage has to be for all time-that I don't understand..." BRAD PITT
when asked about his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

3. "...Well, I think I've just given it in terms of the combination of his development and use of chemical weapons, his development of biological weapons, his pursuit of nuclear weapons..."

when asked about the compelling reasons for war with Iraq.

4. "...I didn't beat Phelps, perhaps I was the only guy at this competition who had a real shot at beating Phelps one-on-one..."
CAVIC - Serbian swimmer - when ask about his showdown with Phelps.

5. "...The walls between old allies, on either side of the atlantic cannot stand..."
BARACK OBAMA in his speech in Berlin.

Photo by david_shankbone

6. "...She's going to grow up soon..." MADONNA - on Miley Cyrus photo scandal

Photo by erkans

7. "...I would never work with anyone that was derogatory towards another man's race. My family is a mixed race..." ANGELINA JOLIE on the case of her bodyguard, manhandling
people in Bombay.

Photo by midorisyu

8. "...I congratulate Michael on his monumental achievement..." CARL LEWIS on the eight-gold victory of Michael Phelps.


The Tempting Arm of Morpheus - Should you be seduced?

Sleep is defined by Webster as "the natural periodic suspension of consciousness during which the powers of the body are restored."
Photo by skycaptaintwo
Sleep is defined by philosophers as being in the Arms of Morpheus (The Greek God of Dreams) and therefore being temporarily dead. We are rendered "unconscious." It is in this state that we recoup whatever energy that we have lost during the busy hours of the day.
When we sleep, our body cells are energized and rejuvenated. This is done when certain cells in the brain and in the central nervous system are allowed to rest and are repaired by specific agents inside our body, like enzymes.

A person who is deprived of long hours of sleep will be lethargic, will lack muscle coordination, will have poor memory and concentration and will be irritable.

The longer a person is deprived of sleep the more his brain cells are stressed out. This will cause them to secrete substances which are harmful to the body.
Photo by: Joi
In extreme cases where there is longer deprivation of sleep, a person becomes incoherent and could be driven "insane."

For young persons, at least 10 hours of sleep is needed to enhance secretion of the growth hormone , a hormone responsible for growth of all cells in the body.

So don't be afraid to be seduced by the Arms of Morpheus. Give in graciously and get your much needed sleep to rejuvenate your body cells.