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Winner of Gewgaw Writings Review

These bloggers are good writers and they wrote generous praises about Gewgaw Writings. This is an offshoot of my sponsorship for Liz Blog Contest at Bloguardian Hellsite. I have now to select the best reviewer among them. It is evident that they have read the different posts in the site and I'm a bit sad that I have to select only one.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. Gossips of a Princess by Mary Narvasa

2. Just About Anything by Kikamz

3. WAHMaholic by Kaye

4. A Mom's Lives and Loves by Sam

Now I have to select the best. They all are cool writers. I go for Mary Narvasa, but the rest, I will have to think of some way to give a prize too. I will post next week what to give them. Thanks again guys.


Skin and Laser Treatment

Imagine how surprised I was when I saw this beautiful woman’s picture proudly displaying her armpit hair at FaceBook! But this is an exception than what is socially accepted. Most women prefer to have that smooth, unblemished look of their bodies: smooth skin, smooth knees and elbows, even toned hairless armpits and the like. Some women even spent a fortune to maintain their youth and beauty. They feel confident when they look young, good, clean, and have unblemished skin.

Personally, I think these are superficial and not as significant as a good and sterling character, but wouldn’t it be perfect if you have got it what it takes to be a woman of character AND still have beautiful, flawless skin?

This is possible nowadays with the advent of laser treatment and technology.
Locally, women go to a dermatologist when they have skin problems. Sometimes the treatment given works, sometimes it does not.

A Dermatology in Los Angeles has now a way to help you keep your skin unblemished with the Laser Hair Removal Los Angeles treatment.

If you worry about your premature wrinkles, your acne, and the uneven patches or moles on your face then it’s high time you try some new way of making you look younger. Their slogan is “We love skin,” so they would be able to attend to your individual problems.

Do you want to look younger? Then this might be the solution to your problem.


Understanding Foodborne Illnesses

Food borne illnesses go sometimes unnoticed because of the lack of understanding of their etiology or origin.

Understanding their root cause therefore is of utmost importance to people especially those in the food industry.

There are several sources of foodborne illnesses. Below are the most common among them:

1. illnesses/diseases coming from partially cooked meat

Not all people know that partially cooked meat could cause illness/diseases.
Some are infection with Trichinella spiralis , a parasite that resides at the muscles of animals. When this is ingested, the parasite enters the body and is able to propagate and infect the person.

Aside from this, a person may also be infected by other microorganisms which may not be killed because of impartial cooking.

This parasite causes trichinosis which is characterized by muscle and stomach pains. If left untreated, it may develop into myocarditis a heart muscle inflammation.

2. illnesses/diseases coming from food handlers

Almost everyone knows the story of Typhoid Mary, who was a typhoid carrier. She had contaminated the persons she served with Salmonella typhosa, the causative agent of typhoid fever because she had served food for them and had direct access to it. The food easily served as the "transmitter"; from Mary's hands and personal belongings, straight to the food she had served to people who ate at the food joint.

Typhoid fever is a disease that is highly contagious and is characterized by high fever, body malaise, severe headache, and sometimes stomach cramps and diarrhea.

3. illnesses/diseases coming from re-cycled food

Oftentimes to cut on expenses, people recycle old food by heating them. When this is done, proper care should be done to heat them thoroughly. There are however leftover foods, especially if kept at room temperature, that are better discarded than recycled.

Foods that have dairy products in them should not be eaten if they're not well preserved in the refrigerator. This is because spores form easily on dairy products. These spores when ingested can cause food poisoning or botulism The causative agent is Clostridium botulinum, a spore forming microorganism. Which can be found easily in soil and water and could contaminate food.

Botulism is fatal if not treated immediately. It can cause paralysis and is lethal.

4. Illnesses/diseases coming from contaminated utensils

Sometimes street foods are prone to this because of the tendency of the store owner not to be able to wash the cooking and eating utensils properly. This hepatitis virus can be passed from one mouth to another through a contaminated spoon or plate or other eating utensils. The virus is easily transmitted and readily enters the body and cause and infectious disease called hepatitis. This condition is characterized by jaundice and liver inflammation which could lead to death.

All in all, people should be made aware of these food borne illnesses so that proper precautionary measures are undertaken to prevent their spread.

Food handlers should observe proper personal hygiene, from the time of processing up to the time of eating. Clean the cooking environment too, to prevent contamination with these foodborne illnesses.

Photo by Thai Jasmine


Do You Want to Improve Your Credit Score?

Having a good standing financially is a must if you want to have a good credit standing. Financial stability and good credit standing go hand and hand. How could one have a good credit standing if he does not have a good credit line? People would never believe him.

Everyone at one time or another had borrowed money or had applied for loans. The ability to pay for these loans are tantamount to maintaining a good credit standing.

But what if due to financial constraints, you were not able to pay on time, and the interest caused by the delay, was compounded until you can no longer cope up with the monthly amortization? The inevitable result is that your credibility as a borrower would be ruined and no credit company would allow you inside their doors again.

A good credit image is needed if you are to live comfortably and having a good credit standing is vital towards a person’s financial success and security.

There will always be a time in our lives that we are financially constrained and we need to apply for credit. If we don’t have a good credit history, then we are doomed. Here’s the good news however, credit repair companies can turn all this around.

How I wish I had someone to fix my credit before when I was in a tight bind too, but alas, I had to do it on my own. It was a slow and gradual recovery. The process had taught me a lesson well though; one that I will never forget. But I’m glad that I’m finally back to being financially stable and secure again.

Nowadays, you can improve your credit score by this company. You could get approved for your house loan, car loan and many others, even when you have had a bad credit standing. There is no harm in trying. You might just get that sleek, black car on time for your 24th birthday.

Another New Blogger - Ajchtar of Letters to Ajchtar

People are slowly becoming aware of blogging. At work, they know now what blogging is, and more are aware of blogging terms and the like.

This young man is a new blogger, he would need the encouragement that we could give him. I'll just pray that whatever help you extend to him will come back to you a hundred fold.

His blog LETTERS TO AJCHTAR is still very new, but he has a passion for writing and is willing to learn.

Welcome Ajchtar to the blogosphere!


A Grand Contest: Join Now!

There's a big contest being held by Pehpot and Kaye at Random WAHM Thoughts.

You should join and win cool prizes; a wonderful way to start the year.

Visit the site and learn about the mechanics of the game.


7 Important Pointers When you Want Your Blood Tested

We should prioritize maintaining a healthy mind and a healthy body. One way of ensuring that our body is healthy is through blood chemistry tests. These are significant in establishing wellness and the presence of disease. Each person should undergo a blood chemistry test every year, or as often as needed, to maintain good health.

What are the things that you should remember when having your blood tested as an outpatient client?

You should not forget these 7 basic things:

1. Before the blood extraction (phlebotomy) coordinate with your doctor and health worker whether you should be fasting or not.

Usually for ordinary tests, the protocol is fasting for 8 to 12 hours. For triglyceride determinations, it is advisable to fast for 12 to 14 hours. There are tests however, that do not need fasting.

2. Be certain you are aware of other necessary precautions concerning the test. You should consider these vital items:

2.1. Can you exercise? If not, what are these particular exercises?

2.2. Can you drink pure water?

2.3. Could cigarettes and alcohol be taken in?

2.4. What about medications, are there any specific instructions about them? What about the medications that you have to ingest daily?

3. Make sure you go earlier than the appointed time. It is always better not to waste other people’s time.

4. Bring a sandwich or some food so you could eat after your blood extraction.

5. If you are scared of needles, invite a relative or friend to go with you for moral support.

6. Know the requested tests, and the brief description of each. It pays to have information about the tests.

7. Psyche yourself positively. Perceive in your mind that the extraction of blood would be a pleasant experience; that it may cause some pain but would be tolerable.

Observing the above-mentioned tips would make your laboratory blood test an annual event you would look forward.

Photo by Neeta Lind


Health and Life Insurance Leads

I have never appreciated the value of health insurances until the day I was hospitalized and utilized my insurance benefits. That is why it is very important that people should be able to find the appropriate health and life insurance for them.

Now there are insurance leads that match the client and the health insurance provider so that clients would satisfy their needs and insurance agents are given leads, which would be fruitful. People become more selective of their health and life insurance agencies. Who could blame them when they should get the best service for their money? If you are an insurance agent looking for reliable insurance leads, then you could try this service and see for yourself the validity of the service.

Matching appropriately clients and the insurance agents according to their individual preferences may not be easy. Certain key factors to consider like the features and services for the client.

High quality leads, Search Engine marketing, validated information, and real time delivery would genuinely lead insurance agents to interested clients who would truly want to apply for a health and life insurance.

It minimizes competition among agents because there are also affordable exclusive leads and the insurance agent could have a replacement credit for invalid leads.

Considered a valid source, insurance leads are reliable resources of client data and health and life insurance clients. This is because pre –evaluation are done before actual endorsement. As an insurance agent, closing the deal is now all up to you.


Math & Algebra Homework Help

One of the most common subjects feared by students in the K12 and college levels is Math. It was also one of the most hated subjects. In college, it is very rare that a student would like algebra or math. They dislike having to calculate and analyze problems, extrapolate and solve for equations. They would rather compose essays and learn about biology or chemistry, but not Algebra 1.

However, updates in technology had made learning easier. We can now utilize Homework help online. There are free standardized tests available for you to discover if it does work for you. There are word problems in Algebra, solutions to problems and many more. There are also Algebra 1 tutorials, pre algebra and algebra problems on which you can practice the previous lessons learned.

There are intensive tutoring programs too to suit whatever needs you have. You can select from a wide array of programs available for Math. It is amazing that such a complex subject can be simplified and broken down into simpler, more understandable segments of unlimited learning and tutoring.

Have no fear now, the complex mazes that are Math and Algebra are now conquerable through online technology.


Head Hunting

Is head hunting true? What are the reasons for committing such a gruesome act? Read here in my new blog at Jena Isle's Random Thoughts.

Here's the link. Head Hunting in Kalinga, Is It True?