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"What Something Big Do You expect This 2009?" - A Great Contest at Makoy's Blog

To join the contest, I have to answer this interesting question from Makoy.

I always try to be an optimist. I have some big plans this 2009; and these are the following I'm expecting to accomplish:

1. On August, I should be able to publish the book entitled "Inspirational Stories From Bloggers all Over the World". There would be at least 20 authors from different parts of the globe; so I'll have to come up with 21 copies. Additional copies will printed as they are ordered.

2. On September, I will also publish a magazine type collection of poems from three authors: me, Dr. Lorenzo Bernardino a.k.a -Zorlone and Roy dela Cruz. The tentative title is "Trilogy of Poems". This will be a dream come true for the three of us. We had always wanted to see our poems in print.

I did have some of my creative works publish in some local mags and in our school journals, but I see this as something different from the rest because it will feature a collection from each of us. Wouldn't that be exciting?

3. I also plan to have all my online articles categorized and book bound, even if it's soft bound first. Then eventually , I'll have them hard bound -complete with pictures.

These are big things for me because for the first time, I would be venturing into publishing my creative work in volumes. I'm keeping my spirits high. I know I can do it. It just takes determination and optimism to be able to achieve them.

Wish me luck guys! and thanks Makoy for giving me the chance to express my plans.

And of course, I hope I would win in your contest!

if you want to join Makoy's BIG contest then visit his site The Pinoy Certified Blogger. It is a unique contest you should not miss! And it is very simple to join.


Food Additives That are Harmful to Your Health

Has it ever occurred to you that your headache was caused by the hotdog that you so voraciously eaten during your breakfast? Or that your increasing memory loss is due to the cheese that you so deliciously consumed everyday?

Indeed, many of us are unaware that various daily foods which we consider safe and healthy are actually the causes of some of our illnesses.

Here are five food additives that you should avoid:


Nitrites in the form of sodium nitrite, has a property of imparting a fresh red color to meat. It also prevents food from spoiling by its antibacterial action. Because of this, meat processors use it to preserve meat and meat products. Nitrites are added to several meat products like hotdogs, bacon, tocino, ham and many more, to preserve them and lengthen their freshness.

Nitrite however is found to be toxic to humans at increased concentrations and through a period of time. It is also carcinogenic because it causes cancer when it reacts with certain physiologic substances in vitro and in vivo. (inside and outside the body).


This is an organic, polar compound which when combined with water will produce sorbic acid. The sorbic acid is added commonly to dairy products like cheese, margarine, mayonnaise, queso de bola, yogurt, bread, cakes, icings, alcoholic drinks, certain beverages, like citrus drinks and many more; to prevent the cultivation and growth of microorganisms that may cause spoilage. Although the side effects of potassium sorbate are not as dramatic as the rest, it is still a complication we would not want. It exacerbates asthma attacks and respiratory diseases. It is a skin irritant and has been proven to cause hyperactivity in children. The allowable concentration to be placed in food should be not more than 1,000 (PPM) parts per million.


This is a component of several dieting products. It acts as a substitute for sugar with out the calories. At first, this was great news for dieters as they can have their coffees sweeter without worrying about the added calories.

Aspartame however, has been discovered, to have very harmful side effects. The substance causes bouts of memory losses and with long term use will cause necrosis (death) of the neurons (brain cells) which may lead to cancer of the brain.


This is a yellow food dye used commonly in children's foods like some candies, some ice cream, artificially colored drinks, cakes, pasta,


Photo by Gaetan Lee


I've Won First Prize in Entredropper's Contest

I've won First Prize in Entredropper's contest on "Who is Your Favorite Blogger?" . I know my favorite entrecard blogger deserves an applause - Ken Armstrong , you indeed, are a great blogger.

It seems this would be an acceptance speech just like in the grammy's when you win an I would like to thank Ken Armstrong, My Favorite Entrecard Blogger, Jean, Patricia, Tasha, Pinoy Contest, Deepak, and Roy, for their support and encouragement. "Maraming salamat" (Thank you guys!)

And of course to Entreropper who have promptly emailed through paypal my winnings. Next time they sponsor a contest, I enjoin you to participate as they are legit. To Entredropper, God bless and more power to you.


Finding Love in a Marriage -A Valentine's Day Post

Since it's Valentine’s day I decided to post an article talking about love. This has been published at helium but I want it posted here in my blog so I could reach more readers. I find it imperative that I should share my thoughts based on my own experiences.

Finding the genuine meaning of love in a marriage is not an overnight process as every romantic person would like to believe.

The true meaning of love is built slowly and steadily over a period of time when the couple lives together. This is developed amidst their ups and downs and the daily challenges that assail them in their married life.

When two unique individuals are joined in matrimony, they still, do not have a complete grasp of the overwhelming obligations that come with this purported love, not until they have undergone together life's experiences which would test the strength of their bond.

No matter what faith or religion you belong to, this quote from the Bible is what true love is all about. "Love is patient and kind. Love is understanding. Love does not rejoice in falsehood but in the truth. Love does not count the wrongs. Love is forgiving..."

I got married at an early age. There was a song in my heart as I marched the aisle with the man I loved. I was a romantic and I imagined us to be Adam and Eve in our own paradise of eternal peace and bliss.

It was of course, far from the truth for I slowly discovered that living with a different person is not at all the bed of roses that I was made to believe from the romantic movies that I have watched and novels that I so devoured.

It was soon clear to me that the man I married was a completely unique individual with different needs and desires that oftentimes were deviant from mine. I loved to read books, he rarely read one. I disliked cooking; he loved to experiment with different dishes. He was a perfectionist, I was not. But because I loved him so much, I accepted these facts about his interests and desires and learned how to compromise.

I learned that the true meaning of love was actually tolerance of the other person, acceptance of his individual quirks, and respect for his beliefs and interests.

The ultimate test came when in a drunken stupor he had slept overnight with a woman. This unpleasant event nearly cost me my marriage, but I loved him and this gave me the grace to forgive and forget. It was a painful and difficult process but I was able to surmount the negative emotions and focus on the love that I had for him. This made me realized too that true love denotes being able to forgive each other's transgressions.

After 30 years of married life, I can conclude that I have found the true meaning of love; and I'm happy that I did. Passion inevitably fades with time but true love even grows stronger.

And as we grow old together, I would be contented just holding his hand and hugging him close to me, as we watch the kaleidoscope of colors that the setting sun paints in the azure sky.

Photo 2 by _DarkGuru_
Photo 1 by Darwin Bell



Ken Armstrong My Favorite Entrecard Blogger and a Big Contest at Entredropper

Blogging has been an exhilarating world for me! I had the chance to meet new friends from all over the globe and acquire new information in the process.

Recently I chanced upon Entredropper, an apparently revolutionizing blog which started with a BIG contest. You write about your Favorite Entrecard Blogger and you’ll get to win 1st prize - $ 40, second prize - $ 30 and three , 3rd prize - $10 each.

It is with honor and privilege that I write a post about my favorite entrecard blogger- Ken Armstrong of Ken Armstrong Writing Stuff.

I would like to enumerate the reasons in an organized fashion because there are several. This wonderful man had made my blogging life so colorful and meaningful.

I wouldn’t start the day without dropping by his blog and reading his post for the day, so without further ado here are the following reasons why Ken is my favorite entrecard blogger:

1. Ken remains the same humble and unassuming person I came to know from the time when his visitors were just a handful up to this time that he has more than a hundred readers.

He has no airs about his talents and treats everyone fairly and makes all his readers feel special. You can always count on him to help you out as often as he can. That’s a true blogger for you. A good and kind person through and through.

2. He is multi-talented; being a poet, reviewer, writer, and actor. He was able to publish a number of his theater and radio plays. He won in several writing competitions:

Twice Winner: London Radio Playwright’s Festival

Winner: Dickens Museum Anniversary Short Story Competition Twice Winner: Mid and North West Radio Play

These are only some of his winning articles.

He is an actor too (Yes, he’s good looking, and only 45 years old, but he’s taken ladies, lol… sorry!) and had performed in several plays, like “One for the Road” and others.

He is also a co- writer in a short film in Channel 31 – which is scheduled for shooting in early July 2009.

Visit his blog for a view of his complete writing resume’.

His sterling qualifications prove that he deserves to be my favorite entrecard blogger.

3. His posts bring genuine entertainment and information to readers from all over the blogosphere. He writes about a variety of topics, from fantasy, to informative , to fiction , to movie review, to book review; name it , he can write about it with gusto and fervor. That’s a true blogger for you.

4. His blog is designed simply which reflects the man- a simple but brilliant person who infected every blogger positively with his wit and humor. He always manages to put a smile on everyone’s face. His theme/template is nothing fancy, but the true gems lie in his articles as one gets to read them.

5. He has been nominated for the Irish blog awards and I had nominated him to the Best Blogger’s Choice 09 Awards. I firmly believe he deserves both of these accolades.

This post has long been overdue. But Ken, I choose you as my “Favorite Entrecard Blogger” for the reasons stated above and for so many reasons I know I may have failed to mention.

For the mechanics of the contest; Click through the slide below.