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Realities of Paid Blogging and Making Money Online

Paid blogging is a promising prospect for people who want to earn and make money online. They should be informed; however, of the realities that they would be encountering, and not be sweet talked by some internet marketers who just want to sell their products.

When bloggers are not properly informed that paid blogging is not easy, frustration sets in at the first sign of failure. This would make them give up easily.

If you plan to go into paid blogging, learn about the significant realities of paid blogging before embarking on this challenging activity.

1. You don’t make money immediately 

This is a fact that newbie bloggers should know. Do not leave your regular job because you have read online that you could earn from blogging. Most bloggers worked hard for several months or even years before they are able to earn a decent income that could pay for their monthly bills.

 2. Make your blog popular 

*At an average, you could get some visibility for your blog within 3 to 6 months, if you work every day to promote your blog through social networking sites, adapting reliable SEO tools, writing significant, interesting articles and posting regularly.

You can make use of free online tools to drive traffic to your blog to make money. There are many of them, but beware of fake sites.

*When your blog’s visitors have increased, you can now apply to all blog review services that could help you earn. These are some of the reliable sites that offer paid reviews; Blogvertise, Review Me, and Sponsored Reviews.

There are still many online, just ascertain that these are legitimate sites. You have to ensure though that your paid posts are interspersed with your regular posts to avoid being downgraded in your Page Rank by Google.

When your blog is marked as spam, this would mean lesser visibility of your blog in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), and fewer opportunities for paid reviews.

3. You cannot earn from one product or service unless you are Angelina Jolie 

*If you are Angelina Jolie, writing a review for a certain product for your blog can mean thousands of dollars in earnings.

But if you are an ordinary blogger, then you cannot earn decently if you only endorse a single product or service. Diversify to several products or services. Do not place all your eggs in one basket.

*It is good to focus on one product promotion if you have the financial resources, but when you do not have sufficient financial resources to go big, then you have to diversify and promote a variety of products.

You can also post ads that complement each other, like that from AdSense, Amazon, InfoLinks and Chitika, among others. Search for ads that you could place in an organized manner in the spaces in your blog.

 4. Paid reviews do not come regularly unless you maintain your blog’s standing 

Your assignments for paid reviews come only when you are able to maintain the traffic to your blog.

Why? It is common sense; no seller would like to advertise in a blog where no one could see them. So, improve your blog further by constant monitoring and research.

5. It takes patience and determination to earn decently 

*If you have consistently improved your articles on your blog, more paid reviews will come your way. You do not sit on your laurels if you have earned decently the previous month.

You have to write articles rich in content that would further increase your blog’s online visibility. Establish your blog’s identity and online presence more firmly.

*You can make use of SEO tools to help promote your blog. You can also use social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. You can simultaneously use AdWords, Google Analytics and similar tools to enhance your blog.

*It takes continuous hard work for paid blogging to prosper. Be ready to continuously work hard to maintain your blog’s online integrity and traffic. You are only as good as your present standing.

You may have generated more traffic to your blog but if you do not keep working by posting regularly about interesting topics in between your paid posts, then your blog can lose its identity eventually.

6. Not all can succeed in paid blogging

*You should know that many do not succeed in paid blogging. In fact, there are many bloggers who earn, but it is still not enough to pay their monthly bills.

Do not be discouraged though, because you might be a lucky one and be among the pro-bloggers online.

If you do not succeed, then perhaps you can channel your energy into another online activity, which can equally bring you money, like news writing, online photography, or offering your services online.

You can leave paid blogging and be your own boss by selling and advertising your own product. Whatever you decide on, there is no harm in trying. Just be sure you remember these realities of paid blogging so you will not get disappointed later.

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