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Learn Math and Algebra Conveniently and Cheaply in your Homes

Have you every stared at your exam paper unseeingly and wished somebody would become intelligent enough to discover a way on how to tutor quickly math challenged students like you? You are not dumb but when it comes with solving equations and mathematical problems, you seem to go blank.

Well, your prayer is answered. Here is now a way to learn linear programming at your own convenience and availability. Yes, Virginia, you can now avail of that online tutor at a rate you would find affordable. What more you could do this in your own sweet time and it is affordable.

If you are a parent, then opting for online tutoring for your kids can prove useful and beneficial to your children.

As a funny slogan displayed: “You can never escape from Math.” So do not hesitate to provide your children quality learning that they can obtain by maximizing their learning experience with updated tools and online technology and advances.

If you are in your Advance Math subjects, the Algebra solver would pave the way for you to learn and understand how those numbers work. Soon, you will solving problems with ease and brilliance.

Math can be fun and enjoyable if only you understand what all those squiggly numbers are all about. You can now go through with your test in a breeze, once you have a good grasp of the Math principles and equations.

Hence, enjoy your Math subjects by not fearing them anymore because you already have sufficient and even expert knowledge about Mathematical equations, after your tutorials.

Holiday Fire Safety: How to use electric cords safely

Even amidst the excitement of the yuletide season, holiday fire safety should be a major concern for everyone. The array of colorful Christmas lights and holiday decors are potential sources of fire accidents. These gadgets are usually connected to extension cords. Using electrical extension cords wisely is one way of preventing fire hazards. The following are tips on their safe and proper use:

1.Do not overload electrical extension cords.

There is a limit to the amount of electric current an extension cord could handle. Holiday fire safety should be the utmost concern when installing these extensions. A proportion of one extension to two sockets would do. Three or more appliances connected to the extension cord could be a potential source of fire hazard.

2.Be sure to install appropriate circuit breakers.

Houses with appropriate circuit breakers are safer and are less prone to household fires. This is because the circuit breakers could aptly supply the demand of the electrical appliances without overworking the breakers.

3.Upgrade your electrical connections when you install Christmas lights and the like.

Having additional electrical demand from the Christmas lights means you have also to upgrade your connections because the previous one would not be applicable anymore.

Buy materials that are of standard quality. Choose quality over price. Safety should always be the vital concern.

4.Let a licensed electrical engineer check your connections.

Holiday fire safety is ensured when an expert specifies what amperes should be used with the number and type of appliances that you have. Having an air-conditioned room has different specific electrical connection and demand.

Read about how to use electric cords wisely here...


An Awesome tool in Conquering my Fear of Algebra

I remember when I was in elementary; I always had stomachache when it was time for my arithmetic class. I had butterflies in my stomach when my teacher asked me to show him how to divide. My parents said it was psychological but the pain and nausea I felt were real, so they had to transfer me to another class. My recollection of that event is not so clear. I can't remember how I was able to pass the subject.

Later in high school, Algebra was a subject I was anxious about because of my previous experience in Math during elementary. I dreaded the subject! I was contemplating on having a pre-algebra tutorial. But serendipity stepped in before I could act. During the first day of school, I met the gentlest teacher I have ever known, and his subject was Algebra.

I learned very quickly about notations and algebraic expressions so easily, I got perfect scores in my exams. That was a pleasant surprise for me because I have been thinking that I was a "dumbo" in math or anything that has something to do with numbers. My Algebra teacher knew how to motivate me to excel and conquer my fears.

Nowadays, students are luckier. They have all the learning tools they can use right in their fingertips; all they have to do is click the mouse. They can easily solve Algebra equations through legitimate and reliable online companies. This awesome company offers an unlimited 24/7 tutorials with an affordable fee. They even offer a free demo for interested persons who would like to use the product.


Remembering The Good Times Through These Posts

I have wanted to write this article months ago, but regular work and an extra job, kept me busy. Oftentimes , I even can’t have time to go to the john. Anyway, I’ll write it now very briefly to present to you some of the posts from my blogs that you may want to read. (I hope you do!)

First Post

I’ll start by presenting my very first post way back March 2008. This was an initial article and I was just trying to familiarize myself with the features of the and wrote this first post, The Relaxer. It short and amusing, because it is about the Rubix cube. Yes , I know how to solve it, It is not really that difficult when you learn the rudiments.

Most Commented Post

My most commented on post was A Book Tour of a Puppy is not a Guppy. I wrote this for Holly Jahangiri during the book tour of  her book   “A Puppy is not a Guppy.” I had 77 comments and a lively conversion between Holly and the rest of the group. By the way, Holly is from Texas, and is a published author of several books. One of them is The Puppy…

Most interesting discussion

This recognition is given to Serendipity and Writing to Exhale, which yielded 55 interesting comments from uber bloggers and visitors. I immensely enjoyed the camaraderie in that post.

I had wanted these posts to have more readers, but I guess, it lacked that certain “X factor”, but I am proud of them anyway.

1. Chapter 1 - Umma Ayam Sinsana – is my novelette about Kalinga life and the Rebellion in the Philippines

2. It’s Never Too Late – an inspiring personal experience of another great writer- Jean Knill.

3. Quotes to Ponder on – just a collection of meaningful thoughts , I find helpful.

4. Relationship Topics- I would like to think that these articles can help married couples to renew your relationships.

5. Computer Topics – I know only the basics of the computer operation, so I let someone write significant topics that can help you with your questions. Nikes Alviz, will answer all your questions, He is the computer whiz man.

The post I like most was about Farmville, LOL…I was a Farmville fanatic but not anymore. I can’t squander precious time planting in a virtual farm without any tangible harvest.  The post entitled Anatomy of a Farmville Addiction was written by my favorite writer, Jan Geronimo for his blog Writing to Exhale.

I have several favorites too from Roy Dela Cruz’ blog . Here is Sleepless in Pampanga .  Visit his 16 blogs and read a variety of  great topics.

Oh, by the way, I would like to share too what I consider as an honor.  I was able to collate 27  wonderful stories from 27 bloggers all over the world  in   The Inspirational Book .

I am planning to do a sequel soon, but I have first to get the first book officially published by a book company. I know it deserves to be marketed world wide.

I am leaving you now with these updates. Can you recall any post that had made you stop and think? You can share them in your comments.

Back to work, guys.


Who is Jasper?

Have you ever heard of the legendary Jasper who single-handedly annihilated the gory monsters of Gorguryeo and brought order and peace to the once chaotic world of Alsatania? Of course, you still have not because whether fact or fiction, this story still does not exist in any annals of history. This is just an allegorical tall tale.

Jasper is also a precious silica, which comes in lustrous red African, smooth yellow Egyptian substance or the sparkling green stone. This was the favorite gem in Assyria, Greece and Persia during the 18th century Before Christ. This post is not about this precious stone though, (although the stone resembles the person) but about a genuine individual named Jasper.

Jasper is a simple student. He goes to class, writes his assignments, performs his lab work, and sometimes goes out with friends to de-stress in scenic beaches and watch blockbuster movies like the Twilight Saga. If you look at him, you would think, “Here’s another ordinary student.”

However ….there is more to it, than meets the eye… read on…

He is voracious…look at how he craves for the food as if he has been starved for several days. Lol….no, wait. That is not the story this post is all about. This post is about Jasper, the person.

Who is Jasper?

Jasper is the president of the class. He cracks his jokes now and then, but knows when to close his mouth. He is the "gofer." “Where’s Jasper? Tell him to distribute the handouts.”

“Jasper, kindly inform your classmates to read the new announcements.”

“Turn the lights off, when you leave the room.”

Go for that, go for this. Get that, get this.

He never complains if he knows the activity is good for his class, a great boon for teachers.

He is a student you can count on to do his responsibilities first before anything else. But make no mistake; he is wacky and he can make you laugh as well.

You can always count on Jasper, the responsible student, the raconteur, the diligent one, and the president of the class. Need I say more?