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A Top Common Tater Award from Holly Jahangiri

I am happy to receive an award from Holly Jahangiri, a professional writer and blogger. Work has kept everyone occupied, including me, but I guess blogging has an undeniable attraction all its own that I could not help resisting the urge to post now and then, even if a deadliest deadline is a skip away.

Her book “A Puppy is not a Guppy,” has made ripples during its Blog Tour, and I and my 5 year old, had read the book twice. It’s a children’s book, but it is also for parents; I gleaned important concepts from the book that I could use with my grandkids.

This is an original award from Holly, named the Top Common Tater Award for those who visited her blog, It’s all a Matter of Perspective. Receiving this award had made me realize that making money online is not all that matters .That I should enjoy life, smell the roses for a while and stay healthy. I do not post regularly anymore in my blogs and I rarely visit twitter now. I should get a life. (ugh)

As for Farmville, well, my villa has collapsed beyond repair and my crops rotten and sweltering amid the noon day sun. Who wants to buy my farmland? LoL

Even Jan Geronimo has escaped from Farmville and from his blog “Writing to Exhale”. So where are you now, Jan? I look forward to your next post.

As Roy, of  The Struggling Blogger goes around dazzling everyone with his poetry; Sometime...Somewhere,  here I am,  trying to write something cohesive and readable, so bear with the impromptu post.

I’ve got to go, work (yes, regrettably) is calling and I have a deadline.
Thanks, Holly for the award and will look forward to our skydiving activity soon (huh?)

But before I leave, I pass the award to the persons mentioned in this post.  They are my Top Common Taters.


jan geronimo said...

Me? I'm just here and there flying under the radar and wondering and scowling why everybody is so energetic and writing about so many things. Thanks for the award, Jen. It's hard not to comment after you've given me that recognition. Hehehe

Jena Isle said...

Hello Jan,

He he he, siyempre, para mag comment ka....

Well, kidding aside, you've always given comments that I considered gems. I look forward to them because I have no idea what you'll be dishing out next.

What happened? you're not exhaling anymore? lol

I miss your posts.

Research Term Papers said...

Thank you so much for this. They are truly remarkable. What a Creativity!

Holly Jahangiri said...

Jan just likes to torment me that he has the world's coolest domain name for writers, and won't use it. He'd probably sell it for an amount I can't afford... grr. C'mon, blog buddy, pick up the @#$% pen, already. (Keyboard. Fine. Whatever. You got the idea.)

Roy is being admirably prolific over there, and I think may soon work up the nerve to publish a (gasp!) book. What about it, Roy? As Nike says, "Just do it."

Jen, I'm so right there with you on the whole work thing. Good thing we actually do LIKE our jobs (most days) huh? At least we like the people we get to work with. I can feel your pride from here as the new RMTs are announced. Oh yeah, you have a life. It's a good one. It's not this. But it's good to hear from you when you get a chance to blog or comment. I know you're there, as you know I'm here.

Jena Isle said...

Hello Holly,

Yup, we do like our jobs most days. But I now bow to pressures nowadays, so i just stay in one corner now and enjoy the view while the younger ones debate among I have not imagined that I will "mellow" like this when I had all the zest and fervor when I first started on this job..

And it's good to know that you are still there, you know ,"to cover my back?" lol..I admire your courage are one of the few brave (dying) species , existing in this world.

You know what I mean. TC.