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An Interview With Holly Jahangiri

Holly Jahangiri of "It's all a Matter of Perspective: Mine" has conducted a group interview among friends.

How could this be possible? Well, you could read the superb post here about - "Thoughts on Blogging", written by the gracious, veteran writer herself - Holly Jahangiri.


The Dangers of Sexual Promiscuity and Chlamydia

Chlamydia is one of the most common STD or Sexually Transmitted Diseases occurring in teenage children. This is because oftentimes, persons infected with it show no symptoms of the condition and would therefore; pass unknowingly the bacteria from one sexual partner to another.

Parents also tend to refuse in acknowledging that their teenage child is infected because this would indicate that he/she is sexually promiscuous at a very early age.

This realization may indicate that in some way the parent may have neglected the child.

We have to accept this fact though, because the only constant thing in this world is change. What we had considered as taboo and unusual during our times, are no longer considered as unusual now in this society of constant change.

The dreadful fact shows that there is now a growing percentage of teens acquiring not only Chlamydia infection but other STDs as well, like gonorrhea, and worst HIV and syphilis.

Since we cannot be with our children 24 hours a day, then we must have to warn them about the dangers of sexual promiscuity. Letting them know that being sexually active at an early life has its disadvantages. Their knowledge of these, may decrease the likelihood of them contracting the disease.

We must warn them that:

1. STDs, like Chlamydia, is commonly acquired through sexual intercourse. This occurs when the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis enters the sexual organs, the mouth and the anal organs.

2. When Chlamydia is untreated and undiagnosed it could lead to more severe conditions like PID or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease which is an inflammation of the pelvis, rectum and then eye inflammation when the bacteria invade the tissues of the eyes.

3. Wearing condom cannot truly protect them because the person may have the bacteria in his throat or anus.

4. Early pregnancy can result too, which would be a major, stressful responsibility for the child.

5. Infertility could result too.

6. When an abnormal vaginal discharge or pain in urination occurs, a medical-laboratory check-up should be done to ascertain the cause of the symptoms.

7. There are more severe, lifetime conditions - like HIV and syphilis - which they would be acquiring through sexual intercourse.

In the end, if we have given our best to educate our children on the dangers of sexual promiscuity and had taught them the significant moral values that they should learn, then they would certainly act as responsible and well-behaved teenagers.

Photo by ecastro


Vicious Online Predators: Protect Yourself

By: Roy dela Cruz

You were sweetly surfing the internet, confident that everything would be just fine. Then all of a sudden, your computer monitor turned blank and no matter what key you press nothing happens. You tried to reboot, only to discover the worse – all the data in your hard disk are gone!

If only you weren’t so stubborn and updated your virus protection the one that your techie friend has been egging you to do for a long time now. Maybe your data are still intact, but now, there’s really nothing you can do… they have been blown to “kingdom come.”

Now, you begun to realize that internet security is a serious concern, because you can never tell when you may stumble upon a website that has a ‘worm’ hidden in it. You should always think safety all the time.

There are lots of anti-virus programs, which you can purchase from the net or from computer stores. Programs that contains updated to give you that extra confidence that you are ready and nothing of the above incident would ever happen to you again. Just always make sure that your program is always updated.


And the Truth Shall Set You Free

This beautiful quotation: “Truth will prevail,” is an apt quotation for this post. No matter how you hide the truth, and no matter how you cover it up, it will always shine in all its glory in the end. It is such a beautiful thought and simultaneously a time tested adage that we often ignore. Experience had proven though, that indeed this is true.

I also believe that at the time of reckoning you answer only to Him and Him alone because He alone knows the truth about you and what you have done in your mundane existence.

The Clin Chem bloggers are part of the truth I have right now. These are young men and women who derive their values from what we set as examples. Filipino values like : respeto sa sarili at sa kapwa, pagiging matulungin, may utang na loob, hindi makasarili, may sariling sikap , makatao, makabayan at higit sa lahat may malinis na konsensya. ( self-respect and respect for others, helpfulness, has a grateful heart, not selfish, is resourceful and has ingenuity , is pro-man and nationalistic and most of all –lives with a clear conscience. )

I had introduced them to the blogging world because I had wanted them to experience the immense information and learning modalities they could avail of online; how we are a supportive, helpful and dynamic group of people that they can learn and interact with. I see the blogging world as a new tool to enhance their learning skills and I was encouraged because of the vast technology they could utilize; hence the birth of the Clin Chem Bloggers.

I have assigned scheduled posts in between exams and other school work. Blogging is not everything they do; they have to turn in assignments on time, prepare oral presentations and take their exams. And their posting depends upon the on-going schedule they have in school. This week is their midterm exams.

College life is toxic. I ‘m sure you have experienced this yourselves, so for the whole semester and the next semester, they have a scheduled activity.

In fact, their next assigned activity - which was posted August 4, (take note of the date) - is due on or before August 19. And there will be continuing posts up to the next semester.

The Clin Chem Bloggers are genuine blogs with real people behind who voluntarily voted for the Jedi bloggers - after visiting the Jedi blogs. How could they describe the blogs if they hadn’t? They have not violated any rules of the contest and are therefore valid votes.

Let’s not dampen their trusting and sincere enthusiasm in blogging by clouding their honest votes and labeling them spams. Instead let’s encourage them and show the beauty and wonder of the blogosphere.

If I really wanted to create splogs for the contest, I could have enlisted all the other blogs which were recently created by the incoming students. There are a handful of them.

The blogs voted by these Clin Chem Bloggers are worth your precious time, I can assure you. These are truly emerging blogs which could positively “influence” people across the globe. You’ll come across interesting , artistic, entertaining and info- laden posts in these blogs. Being influential for me is being able to evoke the positive traits from your readers, and I am proud to be a Jedi Blogger!

I wanted to remain mum at first, but remaining silent may be interpreted by some as being acquiescent.

This would be the first and last time I'll be posting about this topic.

My parting words would be, “ In time, truth will prevail.”

August 15, 2009

I would like to add this quotation which is apt for this post: (courtesy of Mon)

"Sa taong may paniniwala sa iyo- Hindi mo na kailangang magpaliwanag. Pero sa taong walang paniniwala sa iyo - walang sapat na paliwanag."

( To people who believe in you, explanations are not needed, but for those who don't have faith in you - no amount of explanation would be enough.")


Let's Welcome Two Newbies to the Blogosphere

Hello guys, I almost forgot to write this post. I was bone-tired yesterday and went to bed early.

When I woke up...I remembered my promise.

These two neophytes have a burning passion for writing and I'm very excited to welcome them to the blogging world. I can only do so much to encourage people.

If they don't really have the dedication then no matter what I do, they won't succeed. But these two very young, talented and yes, beautiful too...he he he...young ladies are RARING TO HAVE A GO at blogging.

So without much ado, I would appreciate it if you could spare your time and show these two young ladies that we are a supportive group - nurturing, caring and generous with whatever we can contribute.

AIKO of ...feel the rush. No need for drama

"Take a peek of my TRUE SELF. feel free to read.

I'm not a writer by heart, but i write whenever i feel the need to. εїз loves singing and acting, but barely believes she can pull it all off."

Aix, as friends call her, is an aspiring singer, having won some singing competitions. Paging Rey Jr. of "Born on a Syzygy", you might be able to give some tips to this young lady.

Academics and singing are not a good combination though so studying has to take priority.

BEE - LOG of Life of a Blog Buddy

Outspoken, but I rather choose to keep myself private.. :)

I was laughing while reading Bee-log's post. Not because of the content but because of how she presented it. It was a well documented post.

Ever of Pamatay Homesik , you have now a female counterpart. he he he..

I'm sending an invitation to everyone, most especially to the Jedi bloggers help me to encourage these two newbies.

Thanks for all the support you would be extending them.



To Establish an Entrepreneurship:Buy a Business Franchise

If you plan to be a private entrepreneur, you will find it more and more difficult to establish your own business. This is because of the fact that before you would be able to establish one you have already spent so much that you have to work double time to be able to recoup your loses.

You will have to conduct a feasibility study, spent time and money to look for an appropriate venue and area where your business would supposedly thrive. Enlisting personnel could also prove to be a daunting task. You’ll have to make sure you’re the “sui generis” of that particular business you’re embarking on to attract customers.

To facilitate things for starting businessmen, it is easier for you to find a franchise for sale. This is rapidly done online. You could easily search for business opportunities, and countless franchise for sale that would suite your business acumen. You could browse from thousands of websites about businesses for sale, complete with their profiles and the specifications of the business they sell or provide.

There are several types that you could enter into - like marketing and many more established or non- established business franchise ready to be taken over by you.

Having your own business gives you the feeling of satisfaction and pride that you can succeed where others have failed and one way of ensuring more successes is to franchise.