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A Wonderful Place to Stay at Myrtle Beach

I have always wanted to spend my holidays in a beach resort and Myrtle Beach is one place I would like to visit. Not only because of the beauty of the place but because of the picture perfect environment around where I could bask, immerse myself in and to play a few rounds of golf. And know what? I discovered this excellent site that offers a paradise in a silver platter. The amenities and wonderful luxuries I have always wanted during a vacation are all there.

I’m sure the staff members are friendly and helpful and browsing through the site, I discovered that their amenities are simply incredible. They have everything I wanted from a beach resort,with a breathtaking oceanfront view, fresh, balmy air, comfortable, luxurious Myrtle Beach Accommodations and a delicious continental breakfast to start the day right.

The long expanse of the beachfront can provide all the activities I have been always dreaming of doing. I could explore the amazing Grand Stand or the Alligator Adventure and many more interesting activities. There are several packages available which could suit whatever preferences you have.

And to my surprise, these all come at affordable prices. So now, I will have to place my Myrtle Beach hotel reservations.

Wish me luck; I hope I can fulfill this wish very soon.


Bi Dam of Queen Seon Deok is obliged to serve in South Korea’s Military

Bi Dam of Queen Seon Deok is obliged to serve in South Korea’s Military as all Korean males are required to do. His invitation has been given March but he still had to finish his commitments in the movie, “Bad Man.”

Bi Dam in real life is Kim Nam Gil, a soft spoken and unassuming young man who had played one of the love interests of Queen Seon Deok played by Lee Yo Won.

After the two years requirement for Korea’s men to serve the military, hopefully Kim Nam Gil can do another TV series similar to Queen Seon Deok?

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Read My Articles at Batangas Today , News Site

am writing now for a News Site and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Writing news articles is different from blog articles. There are certain rules that should be followed. But I'm learning and in time I will have enough skill to write without

Here is one article I've written recently: 98th Grey Cup in Edmonton, Alberta I hope you have time to read and leave your comments. Thanks.


Is Crying in a Man A sign of Weakness?

I am a sentimental person. I cry when I feel sad and frustrated. I cry when I am extremely happy, and I even cry just watching those tragic soap operas on TV.

When a woman cries, people say it's natural; that women are expected to cry. People don't see anything wrong when a woman cries.

But when a man cries, there are several notions about this. We often hear a mother say to her child " Don't cry , you're a big man now," implying to the child that big men don't cry;
or worst, we often hear young boys taunting each other - " You're a sissy, you're crying."

It is observed that men cry less often than women. This maybe because women are more emotional than men, or is it because people expect men to be less lachrymose and they have to live up to that image?

As for me, I believe that crying in a man, denotes just the opposite - that he is strong enough and sure of his manhood that is why he is confident to show to the world that he can feel; that he has emotions and that - he is human!

Free Clipart Photo of a Father and Baby Crying
Image from Best of

What about you?

If you are a man, why do you not cry often? or do you cry but you don't want to show the people around you? Why not?

If you are a woman, what are your thoughts about men who cry?


Manny Pacquiao 's Touching Story from 60 Minutes

This is a video from 60 Minutes

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8th World Title for Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao

My sister placed her bet on Margarito but I placed mine on Pacquiao. The busy streets of Manila and in the entire archipelago will again be empty because of the 8th world title that Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is vying for tomorrow, November 14, 2010, Philippine date.

I have never been a boxing fan , but I started being a fan after watching Pacquiao decimate all his boxing opponents in the ring. I admire the man’s stamina, perseverance and determination. In spite of all the fame and glory he is earning right now, he still remains humble and God-fearing.

I am thrilled about the great event tomorrow. According to Reuters, this would be the WBC Welterweight Bout to be held at the Cowboys Stadium, Arlington Texas. Antonio Margarito of Mexico will try to redeem his title, while Manny Pacquiao will vie to capture his 8th world title.

I pray Pacquiao wins and I know all Filipinos are giving all their full support and prayers.

Courtesy of HBO, YouTube.

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Top Ten Webhosting Companies You Can Peruse

I’ve been an Internet user for almost 2 years and I own quite a number of blogs and sites. Based on my personal experience, selecting your webhost provider can be an arduous task if you do not have any clue or pointers on which ones are the most recommended and most reliable. I would like to present to you the Top Ten Best Webhosting Companies which were reviewed based on the specific services they offer.

Here are those which made it to the Top Ten:
10.Yahoo Small Business

Based on a Comparison Chart, all of these webhosting services provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth, except for GoDaddy which comes with 150 GB disk space and 1500 GB bandwidth. They all provide free domain for life, as well.

With a performance score of 98%, Just Host was selected as the Webmaster’s No. 1 Best Host. This is based on a reliable review on the ease of use, free instant set-up, and free domain for life, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and all the other extra features that webhost providers offer to customers.

Since they have similar features, a webhosting provider has to be unique to shine above the rest. Just Host Webhosting provides outstanding customer service and a control panel that’s so easy to manipulate. This makes it standout from the rest aside from all the other special features.

iPage and FatCow the two runners-up have a performance scores of 95% and 93% respectively. The rest are presented according to their performance scores. This is based on their webhosting plans, the number of downtimes, the affordability, all the support features and every service related to webhosting.

You may want to visit each webhosting company to browse each of their features or read the FAQ to know more. Remember to consider everything, not only the price.

Nothing Beats Being Able to Write Down Your Thoughts

I am thankful I can write down my thoughts. Nothing beats being able to write what I feel, and how I feel about anything under the sun. I often feel the urge to write when I am feeling happy, or in the doldrums. I'm also a sluggabed sometimes. The only consistent thing about me is my passion for writing. I love writing and I think I can't live without it.

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You Can Be Elegant at Work with These Chic Scrubs Clothing

I previously worked in a hospital setting and we were required to wear scrubs clothing.  I hated them then because they were dull and ugly.  You just wear it for protection and practical purposes.  Nowadays however, you can purchase beautiful and attractively designed scrubs that is worthy of display even outside the hospital.

I often change my scrub suits whenever I can because it looks so unattractive.   Recently, I was amazed though; they are no longer plain looking.  Scrub tops come now in vibrant, wonderful colors that are comfortable and fun to wear.  You can choose from a vivid red printed color for your Pixie or poppy hat, to an elegant sky blue color.  The tops also come in stylish durable materials that are easy to wash and dry.

You can also select from a wide range of 700 types of fabric that you can feel comfortable in. These cheap scrubs provide the comfort, protection and aesthetic value that you desire from a scrubs tops. Look good and feel good with the soft and smooth clothing material of the suits.

They can ship it for free with a purchase of at least $155. So perk up your hospital duty with these beautiful and attractive suits.


Testing for RSS Feeds

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High School Days and Its Joys and Sorrows

High school days could be miserable and depressing without the proper support and help of parents and family members.

High school is supposed to be the most memorable phase of the child's growing up years. This is because high school is the period of awakening and transition. Awakening to the harsh realities of the world and transition from the innocence of childhood to the sensual stirrings of adulthood.

The unforgettable "firsts" usually happens in high school: the first date, the first boyfriend, the first kiss, etc.

It is also during high school that peer pressure is the greatest. Young people want to belong to a certain group and this desire "to belong" often leads them to get entangled with drugs, booze and cigarettes; just so they could be amidst a group that "accepts" them.

During these critical times, having a supportive and loving family could mean a lot to these seemingly lost youths. Family members who are ready to listen and empathize with them could prove to be extremely vital for the personal development and proper rearing of these young people.

They should be able to experience the genuine concern and care from family members. Parents could visibly demonstrate their support by participating in the school activities of their children. They should be available when the child needs a shoulder to lean on and a sympathetic ear.

Many youth could have been out of harm's way if only parents knew how vital an hour of listening could do; if only they bothered to spend, even a few hours of their time with their children. The sad fact is that nowadays, more and more parents are not there when their children need them most.

High school is the most vulnerable stage of growing up. Although parents should spend more time with all their children; they should also be sensitive of particular problems which their high school children could encounter.

Some methods that parents can employ are:

1.spending peaceful weekends in the park with their children, where they can have the
chance to talk.
2.nature tripping this would strengthen their bonds as they help
each other in the outdoor activities.
3.watching a movie at home- (if there is money constraint), just being together
will give them a sense of security
4.sports or indoor games basketball, volleyball, jogging, cycling, swimming

There are many creative activities that the family could engage in when parents try their best to find time for their children. Strong bonds could be developed by doing things together.

High school is an exciting phase of growth as long as parents let their children know and feel that their firm and unconditional support and love would always be there.

As one wise man said: " No success in career could compensate for the failure of a parent at home."


How Can You Tell if Your Professor is a Good One?

Want to know if your professor is a "bad one" or a "good one"? Read on...

College professors are just like anyone else; there are good and bad ones. When you come across a good professor, it is like discovering a gem in the middle of the desert, but when you come across a bad one, then fasten your seat belts, it would be a harrowing, traumatic ride in a roller coaster.

Here are tips on how to tell a good professor from a bad one:

1. She puts her heart into the task at hand.

A good professor is like an artist in the movie screen, she does not allow any personal problem or concern interfere with her responsibilities as a competent teacher. When she comes to class grumpy and makes no effort to hide it but pours her angst into the class and gets irritated even when no one is misbehaving. Then she is not the true professor you could be proud of.

2. She comes to class prepared.

You will definitely know when a professor is just bluffing or is truly knowledgeable about the topic at hand. When you ask a question, she could explain it comprehensively. She further elucidates her answer by citing practical applications of the theory.

3. She is open - minded.

She is willing to listen to what students have to say. She is secure in her competence and is willing to listen to new ideas from enterprising students. She does not feel threatened or embarrassed with suggestions coming from you or any of your classmates.

4. She commands respect.

You feel compelled to respect her. Professors should earn respect and not frighten you to submission. Respect is slowly earned through genuine concern and understanding.

5. She makes every student feel special.

These are the professors who are slow in their criticism but quick in their praise. They are optimists, always ready to find the good things out of any seemingly bad situation. You are encouraged to give all your best under her didactic tutelage. Although she does not say it in so many words, you are motivated to do all that you can.

Ordinary students become outstanding students. She is able to see the potential of each of you and focus on this. She is aware of the theory of multiple intelligences and uses this as a tool to motivate the class. Multiple intelligence is the concept that intelligence does not fall only in one aspect- the academics and that each student has his own talent in other fields whether in the arts, sciences, and many others.

6. She is approachable.

She is willing to put in extra hours for tutoring you and your "slow" classmates because she feels it her responsibility that her students truly learn from her. She believes that there are no dumb students, only dumb professors.

A good professor always shines through like a diamond in a pile or rubble. You will always notice her by the dedication and love she puts in her profession. As St. Exupery said: "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly."


Happy Birthday, Jan Geronimo

The green leaves have turned into brown. The smooth hands are now gnarled. The once jet black strands of hair are now silver linings. Where has time gone? But of course I am NOT describing a special person who has touched me in this lifetime. The one and only - Uber Writer and Blogger- JAN GERONIMO of Writing to Exhale.

He is NOT that old really. It was just a figure of speech I want to tease him with.LOL. Thanks for coming into our lives and "peppering" us with your wise, sometimes pungent words (argh); nevertheless,  impeccable writing.  You have many sweet moments too; you have been generous and inspiring to other bloggers.  No matter what you write,  I bow to your writing prowess. You express words as smooth as the crystal clear, gurgling brook and as brilliant as the sparkling sun. I miss your posts.  Will you write again for us? I am sure your avid "fans"  or followers miss you as much as I do.

Thanks for that ray of joy you have shared with us. On this your natal day, In behalf of the Power50 group, I take the liberty of wishing you a very joyful and fulfilling year ahead and may all your dreams come true.

Happy Birthday, JAN GERONIMO.


Learn Math and Algebra Conveniently and Cheaply in your Homes

Have you every stared at your exam paper unseeingly and wished somebody would become intelligent enough to discover a way on how to tutor quickly math challenged students like you? You are not dumb but when it comes with solving equations and mathematical problems, you seem to go blank.

Well, your prayer is answered. Here is now a way to learn linear programming at your own convenience and availability. Yes, Virginia, you can now avail of that online tutor at a rate you would find affordable. What more you could do this in your own sweet time and it is affordable.

If you are a parent, then opting for online tutoring for your kids can prove useful and beneficial to your children.

As a funny slogan displayed: “You can never escape from Math.” So do not hesitate to provide your children quality learning that they can obtain by maximizing their learning experience with updated tools and online technology and advances.

If you are in your Advance Math subjects, the Algebra solver would pave the way for you to learn and understand how those numbers work. Soon, you will solving problems with ease and brilliance.

Math can be fun and enjoyable if only you understand what all those squiggly numbers are all about. You can now go through with your test in a breeze, once you have a good grasp of the Math principles and equations.

Hence, enjoy your Math subjects by not fearing them anymore because you already have sufficient and even expert knowledge about Mathematical equations, after your tutorials.