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Top Ten Webhosting Companies You Can Peruse

I’ve been an Internet user for almost 2 years and I own quite a number of blogs and sites. Based on my personal experience, selecting your webhost provider can be an arduous task if you do not have any clue or pointers on which ones are the most recommended and most reliable. I would like to present to you the Top Ten Best Webhosting Companies which were reviewed based on the specific services they offer.

Here are those which made it to the Top Ten:
10.Yahoo Small Business

Based on a Comparison Chart, all of these webhosting services provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth, except for GoDaddy which comes with 150 GB disk space and 1500 GB bandwidth. They all provide free domain for life, as well.

With a performance score of 98%, Just Host was selected as the Webmaster’s No. 1 Best Host. This is based on a reliable review on the ease of use, free instant set-up, and free domain for life, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and all the other extra features that webhost providers offer to customers.

Since they have similar features, a webhosting provider has to be unique to shine above the rest. Just Host Webhosting provides outstanding customer service and a control panel that’s so easy to manipulate. This makes it standout from the rest aside from all the other special features.

iPage and FatCow the two runners-up have a performance scores of 95% and 93% respectively. The rest are presented according to their performance scores. This is based on their webhosting plans, the number of downtimes, the affordability, all the support features and every service related to webhosting.

You may want to visit each webhosting company to browse each of their features or read the FAQ to know more. Remember to consider everything, not only the price.


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