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High School Days and Its Joys and Sorrows

High school days could be miserable and depressing without the proper support and help of parents and family members.

High school is supposed to be the most memorable phase of the child's growing up years. This is because high school is the period of awakening and transition. Awakening to the harsh realities of the world and transition from the innocence of childhood to the sensual stirrings of adulthood.

The unforgettable "firsts" usually happens in high school: the first date, the first boyfriend, the first kiss, etc.

It is also during high school that peer pressure is the greatest. Young people want to belong to a certain group and this desire "to belong" often leads them to get entangled with drugs, booze and cigarettes; just so they could be amidst a group that "accepts" them.

During these critical times, having a supportive and loving family could mean a lot to these seemingly lost youths. Family members who are ready to listen and empathize with them could prove to be extremely vital for the personal development and proper rearing of these young people.

They should be able to experience the genuine concern and care from family members. Parents could visibly demonstrate their support by participating in the school activities of their children. They should be available when the child needs a shoulder to lean on and a sympathetic ear.

Many youth could have been out of harm's way if only parents knew how vital an hour of listening could do; if only they bothered to spend, even a few hours of their time with their children. The sad fact is that nowadays, more and more parents are not there when their children need them most.

High school is the most vulnerable stage of growing up. Although parents should spend more time with all their children; they should also be sensitive of particular problems which their high school children could encounter.

Some methods that parents can employ are:

1.spending peaceful weekends in the park with their children, where they can have the
chance to talk.
2.nature tripping this would strengthen their bonds as they help
each other in the outdoor activities.
3.watching a movie at home- (if there is money constraint), just being together
will give them a sense of security
4.sports or indoor games basketball, volleyball, jogging, cycling, swimming

There are many creative activities that the family could engage in when parents try their best to find time for their children. Strong bonds could be developed by doing things together.

High school is an exciting phase of growth as long as parents let their children know and feel that their firm and unconditional support and love would always be there.

As one wise man said: " No success in career could compensate for the failure of a parent at home."


pamatayhomesick said...

great post jena...for parents..

i remember also my high school first-...

Jena Isle said...

he he he, right Ever. First kiss? lol... thanks for dropping by.