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How Can You Tell if Your Professor is a Good One?

Want to know if your professor is a "bad one" or a "good one"? Read on...

College professors are just like anyone else; there are good and bad ones. When you come across a good professor, it is like discovering a gem in the middle of the desert, but when you come across a bad one, then fasten your seat belts, it would be a harrowing, traumatic ride in a roller coaster.

Here are tips on how to tell a good professor from a bad one:

1. She puts her heart into the task at hand.

A good professor is like an artist in the movie screen, she does not allow any personal problem or concern interfere with her responsibilities as a competent teacher. When she comes to class grumpy and makes no effort to hide it but pours her angst into the class and gets irritated even when no one is misbehaving. Then she is not the true professor you could be proud of.

2. She comes to class prepared.

You will definitely know when a professor is just bluffing or is truly knowledgeable about the topic at hand. When you ask a question, she could explain it comprehensively. She further elucidates her answer by citing practical applications of the theory.

3. She is open - minded.

She is willing to listen to what students have to say. She is secure in her competence and is willing to listen to new ideas from enterprising students. She does not feel threatened or embarrassed with suggestions coming from you or any of your classmates.

4. She commands respect.

You feel compelled to respect her. Professors should earn respect and not frighten you to submission. Respect is slowly earned through genuine concern and understanding.

5. She makes every student feel special.

These are the professors who are slow in their criticism but quick in their praise. They are optimists, always ready to find the good things out of any seemingly bad situation. You are encouraged to give all your best under her didactic tutelage. Although she does not say it in so many words, you are motivated to do all that you can.

Ordinary students become outstanding students. She is able to see the potential of each of you and focus on this. She is aware of the theory of multiple intelligences and uses this as a tool to motivate the class. Multiple intelligence is the concept that intelligence does not fall only in one aspect- the academics and that each student has his own talent in other fields whether in the arts, sciences, and many others.

6. She is approachable.

She is willing to put in extra hours for tutoring you and your "slow" classmates because she feels it her responsibility that her students truly learn from her. She believes that there are no dumb students, only dumb professors.

A good professor always shines through like a diamond in a pile or rubble. You will always notice her by the dedication and love she puts in her profession. As St. Exupery said: "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly."


pamatayhomesick said...

simple but rock en roll!

Jena Isle said...

Hello Ever,

LOL, that's about it...rock en roll..thanks. TC,

jakill said...

I'm certain you are a good professor, Jena. I wonder if there are some male ones too. LOL.

tashabud said...

Hi Jena,
Wish all professors or teachers have these qualities as you. Every student in the whole world would greatly benefit and would all be well-schooled.