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Happy Birthday, Jan Geronimo

The green leaves have turned into brown. The smooth hands are now gnarled. The once jet black strands of hair are now silver linings. Where has time gone? But of course I am NOT describing a special person who has touched me in this lifetime. The one and only - Uber Writer and Blogger- JAN GERONIMO of Writing to Exhale.

He is NOT that old really. It was just a figure of speech I want to tease him with.LOL. Thanks for coming into our lives and "peppering" us with your wise, sometimes pungent words (argh); nevertheless,  impeccable writing.  You have many sweet moments too; you have been generous and inspiring to other bloggers.  No matter what you write,  I bow to your writing prowess. You express words as smooth as the crystal clear, gurgling brook and as brilliant as the sparkling sun. I miss your posts.  Will you write again for us? I am sure your avid "fans"  or followers miss you as much as I do.

Thanks for that ray of joy you have shared with us. On this your natal day, In behalf of the Power50 group, I take the liberty of wishing you a very joyful and fulfilling year ahead and may all your dreams come true.

Happy Birthday, JAN GERONIMO.


jan geronimo said...

Are you wishing me well or do you just wish to hand me my senior citizen ID?

Thanks a lot for this ube cake of a post. I'm not sure I deserve all that, but I'd not contest any of it after your description of brown leaves, gnarled hands and white hair.

reyjr said...

Happy Birthday Lolo Jan!

Jena Isle said...

he he he, Jan, there you are. I was trying to lure you to this post...with my gnarled hands...

I just miss you. Where have you been? Welcome back. And hope you will stay longer to write your birthday post tomorrow.

Happy birthday again.

Jena Isle said...

Hello Rey,

Lolo Jan? Naku, is Jan THAT old? Lol...surely not...

jan geronimo said...

@Rey: Thanks, Rey.

@Jen: It's self-inflicted, telling most of our buddies to call me Lolo Jan as a preemptive move. But somehow it caught on and now I've lots of grandchildren online to remind me I'm indeed getting on. Whatever you do, don't follow my lead. Call yourself Empress, or Internet Diva. Anything but Lola if it comes to that point. :)

Jena Isle said...

Hello Jan,

Advice , I'm now calling myself the Lost Diva...I lost my voice when I tried to sing in school. ha,ha ha. Enjoy your birthday Jan. What about coming here for another celebration?

tashabud said...

Happy Birthday, Jan. Do I take it that Jan has reached the half a century milestone? If so, don't dispair. Look at it as a lifetime achievement award.

That cake looks delicious, Jena.


Jena Isle said...

Hello Tasha,

How true, I agree. An achievement award. Wala pa naman sa golden years si Jan. lol.

Yes, that was like the cake they gave to him when he came here last year.

Take care.

Zorlone said...

Well, well, what do we have here? It's been a while since I dropped by. If not for FB, I wouldn't have seen this post.

To a dear old friend with a magical gift to awe and inspire us to write (better), a very LOUD happy birthday to you!

Through the good times and bad times of blogging; when we silently try to outdo each other in posts and give each other some boost to push google into finding our sites.

Cheers to the online and offline friendship and to an exceptionally good friend!



Jena Isle said...

Hi Doc Z,

Napadaan ka. For a special friend like Jan, dapat lang. Indeed, cheers to offline and online friendships.

Kumusta na lang ang mga kababayan diyan.

Jhong Medina said...

Jan, Happy Birthday! How young are you? Lol! May you have more birthdays to come and hope you start exhaling again as Roy said.

Can you send some slice in Cavite?

Best Regards Ms. Jena!

Jena Isle said...

Hi Jhong,

You want a slice of this cake? Come and get it, may kasama pang sisig

Roy said...

Happy birthday!

please, exhale soon Jan ;)

jan geronimo said...

@Tasha: Thank you. It's funny that I don't remember any cake at all during all those celebrations in my youth. Now that cake can be easily had I have to content myself with a modest slice. Perhaps that goes with the territory when one reaches this milestone. Our kind tread more slowly now, hopeful of reaching another milestone.

@Doc Z: I would have preferred a cold beer and a rousing rock song to go with that, but hey you're here. You've remembered after all. And all is well with the world. Thanks, my friend.

@Jen: We'd see about that. :)

@Jhong: Thanks. You can have my share of the cake.

Jena Isle said...


I will be waiting. ..

Sana soon.

pamatayhomesick said...

uy! nahuli ako..hapi bertdey! jan...

Jena Isle said...

Hello Ever,

Better late than never. O ayan, Jan, nabati ka na ng premier artist and writer ng middle east. LOL