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Drawbacks to Blogging, Blogging Diseases You Can Develop

Just like any other activity, blogging has its own drawbacks. It can be a rewarding activity in terms of financial and personal gain if you are able to blog effectively and reliably. To do this, you have to be knowledgeable about certain drawbacks that can result from blogging. It is only by being aware of them that you can avoid them.

Development of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a condition caused by prolonged exposure to computer or lap top screens. It is defined by the American Optometric Association as a complex eye/vision syndrome resulting from prolonged computer use. One of the major drawbacks of blogging concerns health issues. Spending several hours in front of your laptop or computer with your eyes glued to the electromagnetic screen is not healthy by any standard.

Although all other computer activities are involved, blogging is one of the activities that could make you spend long hours in front of a computer. CVS is characterized by headache, eye strain, blurred vision, teary and painful eyes. These are not permanent however, there are remedies for CVS. Some of them are looking at a green object every now, and then standing once in a while to relieve the symptoms.

Musculoskeletal Problems can develop

Musculoskeletal problems can occur as well. The neck, arms and hands are the most commonly affected areas. Your arms and back muscles ache because your working place is not ergonomically suited for you. You should know the proper posture and use a table and chair that has the correct height and that is proportional to your vital body statistics. You should know the proper posture so that you would not be prone to musculoskeletal problems. Sit with your back straight, your ears and shoulders aligned; and your feet touching the floor. Your feet should not be hanging or be too cramped.

Watch out for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition characterized by muscle damage to the nerves in the hand and the fingers. Some studies revealed that CTS is not caused by prolonged use of the computer mouse, but there are also some instances when people working on computers, with predisposing factors like arthritis, developed CTS, than those who are not exposed. Blogging entails hours and hours in front of the computer, so you must know that you have to take a break often to avoid health problems. It is common sense to take breaks every once in a while. Health is one significant drawback of blogging that not many people tend to ignore. You should not ignore it, because health is wealth.

Offline social life is zilch

Blogging can become absorbing at times that bloggers sometimes have an active social life online but a non-existent social life offline. That is why when the time comes for them to attend social events; they become awkward and have no social skills. There are also some instances that they feel like an outcast because they have not developed the skill to interact in person with other people. This would lead to feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. If you have such symptoms, then reduce your blogging hours and slowly return to an offline social life by going to get-together parties.

Time consuming

Blogging entails updating your blog regularly, if you truly want to succeed. You have to spend time promoting your blog, which would take long hours of hard work. You find yourself tweaking your blog every now and then, writing a post, blog hopping, improving your theme, responding to comments in your blog, socializing and before you know it the day or night is over. You can solve this by following a prepared schedule and sticking to it.

Abuse of the freedom of blogging

Oftentimes we read someone abusing his right to blog by using his blog for illegal, defamatory or unpleasant activities. There is no control of what people can say in their blogs. Google has helped in the solution of this problem by allowing the online community to report blogs, which have abusive and illegitimate contents. You can write anything in your blog, but it is your social responsibility to be conscientious enough to watch out what you say in public. It is called Responsible Blogging.” Abusing your freedom to blog is considered a drawback because it can hurt other people and yourself as well. If you are not careful you may reveal also your own private information that you are not supposed to be disclosing in public. It could hurt you too, like in the case of an ex-wife unable to get disability money from her husband because of what she posted in her blog, she was allegedly belly dancing.

Your time and effort may not be compensated properly

The time and effort you spend attending to your blog may not be financially rewarding as you intended it to be. In this case, it is a drawback because instead of earning from your blog, you are spending for it. If you are blogging to make money online, then this is an essential drawback.  You may want to learn more about some blogging tips so that your time and effort would be compensated appropriately. It is another story though, if you just blog as a hobby, then it would indeed be beneficial to you.

These are some of the major drawbacks of blogging. Being aware of them would help you avoid them so that you can succeed in your blogging career.

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