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Quietest Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Quietest Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Gone are the days when you have to force yourself to hold a plastic hose and drag a canister just to clean. With technology, you can stay on your couch and give the dirty works to machines. Robot vacuum cleaner is the best friend of every homeowner who wishes to have a sparkly clean home without lifting a finger.

But while you want to leave all the work to these bots, you definitely do not want to have a factory-like noise working in your home. With the numerous products in the market, you want to get the quietest robot vacuum cleaner.

Why choose the quietest robot vacuum cleaner?

The noise generated by vacuum cleaners can be irritating especially if you have babies at home or if you leave the cleaner do its job at night. Sound is measured using decibels and generally, for cleaners to be considered as “quiet” or “silent”, they should only generate sound of 70 decibels or lower.

But while less noise is better, you should also consider the other features of the bot. Many manufacturers will not mention the amount of noise generated by their product.

So, we did the research for you and so far, the one on our list as the quietest robot vacuum cleaner is Deebot N79S. Deebot N79S generates only around 64 to 67 decibels, the lowest nowadays. The cleaner can work at nighttime without the annoying sound.

Unless you use it to specifically to clean your bedroom, rest assured that you can sleep well and wake up to a cleaner home.

Key Features

• Smart Motion Technology – repetitive cleaning path using 3-stage cleaning system combining vacuum suction, a helix main brush and side brushes.

• Selective Cleaning Modes – There are several cleaning modes to choose from. Auto mode is for general cleaning, Edge mode is for corners and edges of the room, Spot is for cleaning specific parts, Room mode cleans a pre-determined area.

• V-Shaped Main Brush – better cleaning power

• Stair Safety Technology – anti-drop sensors to clean your stairs safely without fear of dropping the device and breaking it.

• ECOVAC App- With internet, the app allows you to schedule your cleaning in advance, monitor your cleaning status even when you’re away.

• Automatic Charging – When its battery becomes low, it automatically returns to its charging dock without the need for human intervention

• High Efficiency Filter – cleans and filters air to free it from minute particles like dust and allergens

• Amazon Alexa compatible – The Alexa integration is great and the vacuum responds immediately to various commands.


• Good motion, anti-collision and anti-drop sensors

• Best for hardwood, tiles and low-piled carpets

• Brushes has wide reach thus great for difficult corners of the house

• Easy to operate especially with its App availability

• One of the cheapest robot vacuum cleaners with WiFi connectivity


• Poor in cleaning carpets – It is definitely not useful for carpets even with the low pile types

• Mediocre Performance – the cleaning performance is still not the same as the manual types. It is only recommended to keep the house clean while you are busy but it will not replace the traditional vacuuming.

• Poor customer service from ECOVAC – Several customers are complaining about the inefficiency of staffs and the company to address their issues on a timely manner.


1. What’s the difference between Deebot N79S with N79? 

 N79s is the upgraded version of N79. It has better cleaning power by adjusting to the MAX mode and is Amazon Alexa compatible.

2. Is internet connection a requirement to run the device? 

No, there are manual buttons available that you can set using its remote control. You only need the connection if you want to use the app.

3. How does the device know when it’s done cleaning? 

It does not know that it’s done with the work. It is usually the battery life that dictates when it needs to stop. When the battery is low, it should go back to its charging station. Life is usually up to 100 minutes.

Our Opinion 

Deebot N79S is the quietest robot vacuum cleaner available in the market today. However, in terms of its features, design and performance, there are definitely better bots to match your budget. Again, your decision still depends on your priority feature.

If you want the quietest robot vacuum cleaner and do not care much about the other features, Deebot N79S could be your best option. Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away

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Dealing with Controlling People

Controlling people can only control you if you allow them to. For you to know how to deal with them, you have to know this basic fact. These individuals are almost always present in any workplace. Some people may actually prod these people through their own reactions. It is easy to deal with them once you realize that a lot depends upon you. Here are pointers to help you deal with this type of people

When you say no, mean it

Learn how to say no, and mean it. If the controlling person wants you to do something you do not want to do, firmly say no. Do not budge no matter how much pressure he applies on you. Show him that he would not be able to change your mind. Once he gets this fact into his mind, he would realize that he could not control you just as he wanted to. Every time you do this, it sends a clear message to him, and he would eventually stop forcing you to do something you do not want to do.

Show him you are not a push-over

Demonstrate through your actions and words that you are not a push-over by standing your ground when you believe you are right. It does not matter whether you are alone or not regarding a certain issue. Strong people take a stand and are not afraid to defend their position. If he observes that you have a strong personality, he would not bother you, unless he decides to go against you. If he does, react calmly and confidently. Remember, controlling people could only affect you to the extent that you allow them to.

Do not be afraid to talk to him boldly

If he persists in wanting to control you, talk to him candidly about his behavior. Perhaps, he may not be aware of it. Be diplomatic about it. There is no need to attack him verbally or to use hurting words. In a calm manner, tell him how you feel. You could say; “I don’t like how you try to control me. This is my life, so may I request you to stop meddling with it,” or something to that effect.

Work with him in a worthy endeavor

You can work with him in an event or activity you both believe in. Show him that he does not have to control people to be fulfilled or happy; that working harmoniously with one another and developing rapport are more important than controlling people. You may not succeed on the first try but do not give up. Your persistence would pay off eventually. These actions should be done not in anger or in a burst of passion.

If you do these steps in a calm manner, your actions would show him that he is not affecting you significantly. This would grant him less power.

Controlling people are only after those they can twirl around their fingers. If you show him firmly that you do not welcome his actions, he would stop bothering you.

The RSS feed of this post is for non-commercial use only. This is not for blogs or websites that have ads and the like. If you're reading this post in another site, then please leave a note in my blog at so I can take appropriate action. Thank you.