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Holiday Fire Safety: How to use electric cords safely

Even amidst the excitement of the yuletide season, holiday fire safety should be a major concern for everyone. The array of colorful Christmas lights and holiday decors are potential sources of fire accidents. These gadgets are usually connected to extension cords. Using electrical extension cords wisely is one way of preventing fire hazards. The following are tips on their safe and proper use:

1.Do not overload electrical extension cords.

There is a limit to the amount of electric current an extension cord could handle. Holiday fire safety should be the utmost concern when installing these extensions. A proportion of one extension to two sockets would do. Three or more appliances connected to the extension cord could be a potential source of fire hazard.

2.Be sure to install appropriate circuit breakers.

Houses with appropriate circuit breakers are safer and are less prone to household fires. This is because the circuit breakers could aptly supply the demand of the electrical appliances without overworking the breakers.

3.Upgrade your electrical connections when you install Christmas lights and the like.

Having additional electrical demand from the Christmas lights means you have also to upgrade your connections because the previous one would not be applicable anymore.

Buy materials that are of standard quality. Choose quality over price. Safety should always be the vital concern.

4.Let a licensed electrical engineer check your connections.

Holiday fire safety is ensured when an expert specifies what amperes should be used with the number and type of appliances that you have. Having an air-conditioned room has different specific electrical connection and demand.

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