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Side effects of Anticholestrol Drugs: A Closer Look

Side effects of Anticholestrol Drugs: A Closer Look
In the desire to reduce the risks of stroke and heart attacks, anticholestrol drugs are prescribed to lower bad cholesterol level. Patients taking anticholesterol drug must be given precautionary measure before taking the drug and must be aware of the side effects of anticholestrol drugs to prevent possible undesirable effects of the drug.

Gastrointestinal Side effects of Anticholesterol Drugs
- Constipation
- Diarrhea
- Heartburn
- Abdominal pain
- Black stool

Hepatic Side effects of Anticholesterol Drugs
- Liver dysfunction, rarely causing mild hepatitis. Patients with liver disease should undergo liver function tests before the treatment
Muscular Side effects of Anticholesterol Drugs
- Leg cramps
- Myopathy or muscle damage
- Rhabdomyolysi, fatal muscle damage caused by chemical, biological and physical factors
- Unexplained muscle tenderness and weakness
- Deformation of facial muscle
- Increased in muscle movement
Neurologic Side effects of Anticholesterol Drugs
- Loss of sensation in the lower extremities such as hands and feet
- Headaches
- Difficulty falling asleep
- Polyneuropathy, simultaneously malfunctions of the peripheral nerves
- Memory lost or disturbed
- Back pain
- Change in eye sight
- Dysgeusia, lack of taste sensation
- Depression
- Lack of movement coordination
Renal Side effects of Anticholesterol Drugs
- Fluid retention, accumulation of fluid within tissues of the body
- Kidney failure, the kidney’s filtering system is damaged due to clogged muscle fibers
- Urinary problems

Many of the side effects of anticholesterol drugs are dose dependent, it is very important to notify the doctor immediately if you experience some of the side effects. Balanced diet, exercise and weight loss are some of the important things to be considered in controlling the level of bad cholesterol in the body. We only take anticholesterol drugs when the natural remedies fail to lower the level of cholesterol in the body.

1 comment:

tashabud said...

Really good post, Jena. It's unfortunate that drugs that help us comes with all these side effects as well. I suppose if the positives outweigh the negatives then it's better to take than not to take. So long as periodic blood tests are done to monitor their effects on the liver.