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7 Important Pointers When you Want Your Blood Tested

We should prioritize maintaining a healthy mind and a healthy body. One way of ensuring that our body is healthy is through blood chemistry tests. These are significant in establishing wellness and the presence of disease. Each person should undergo a blood chemistry test every year, or as often as needed, to maintain good health.

What are the things that you should remember when having your blood tested as an outpatient client?

You should not forget these 7 basic things:

1. Before the blood extraction (phlebotomy) coordinate with your doctor and health worker whether you should be fasting or not.

Usually for ordinary tests, the protocol is fasting for 8 to 12 hours. For triglyceride determinations, it is advisable to fast for 12 to 14 hours. There are tests however, that do not need fasting.

2. Be certain you are aware of other necessary precautions concerning the test. You should consider these vital items:

2.1. Can you exercise? If not, what are these particular exercises?

2.2. Can you drink pure water?

2.3. Could cigarettes and alcohol be taken in?

2.4. What about medications, are there any specific instructions about them? What about the medications that you have to ingest daily?

3. Make sure you go earlier than the appointed time. It is always better not to waste other people’s time.

4. Bring a sandwich or some food so you could eat after your blood extraction.

5. If you are scared of needles, invite a relative or friend to go with you for moral support.

6. Know the requested tests, and the brief description of each. It pays to have information about the tests.

7. Psyche yourself positively. Perceive in your mind that the extraction of blood would be a pleasant experience; that it may cause some pain but would be tolerable.

Observing the above-mentioned tips would make your laboratory blood test an annual event you would look forward.

Photo by Neeta Lind


Holly Jahangiri said...

Oh, heck - I was nodding right along there with you until you got to the words "pleasant experience" and I about had lemonade burst from my nostrils.

For those of us who are needlephobic, it will never be "pleasant" ("tolerable," maybe) and we don't really want witnesses to our ridiculous disgrace. We figure you're professional enough to keep your mouth shut and not blog about what weenies we are. Right? Right??

ajchtar said...

to a person who fears needle's it may not be pleasant, but to student's of medical technology like myself, this is a piece worth treasuring. :)

JENAISLE said...

Hi Holly,

Yes, I know what you mean. There was a policeman who literally ran out of the lab when he saw the needle...he he he....

Okay, tolerable pain...then for

JENAISLE said...

Hi Ajchtar,

How true, of course, it's not to you but to people who have never been extracted from, it would be a fearsome experience.

ajchtar said...

blood has been extracted from me lots of times. :) i think i'm becoming anemic lol! just kiddin':)