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In Support of Roy -The Struggling Blogger for His Chance to Win at Technology Talks

Technology Talks is presently conducting a Free Domain Hosting contest, (this is very generous of Technology Talks, may their tribe increase), and because this friend is a Cabalen, a true blogger through and through, a kind-hearted soul and a good father - I vote for him.

I give my full support for none other than - Roy of The Struggling Blogger. I would like him to win the contest.

If anyone of you, out there, wants to help Roy, a fellow, dedicated blogger to win this free domain hosting; then by all means, kindly post a similar article (with the same links) in your blog, expressing your support for him.

Thanks and happy holidays.

More power to you Roy, and good luck!


Windmill said...

Hi jena,

I wish you Yuletide Joy and A Blessed New Year together with your family.

Happy Holidays!

Roy said...

thanks Jena!

jessie said...

hi jena,

ok, got this one. counted! :-) goodluck too you and Roy.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Windmill,

I wish you the same. God bless.

Hi Roy,

You're welcome! Happy holidays.

Hi Jessie,

Thanks and happy holidays.

Eric S. said...

Jena, I am going to do a post for Roy also. I just read all his blogs, and they tugged at my heart. I have been to The Struggling Blogger before, but for some reason, I had not seen his other sites.

I' hope we can help him get his free domain hosting.

Jena Isle said...

That's very generous of you Eric. You have the true spirit of Christmas. Kudos to you! Thank you so much. Happy holidays.

Roy said...

Thank you very much for your support Eric, I really appreciate it.

And thank you too for visiting and commenting on my blogs.