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Are You Too Old for Blogging?

I first learned about blogging more than three years ago, while researching on line about my paper. I was looking into the possibility of introducing the "website connection" into my "work" and discovered instead.

"Create your own blog for free!" it said; so I click on it and then followed the prompts to open my first blog. That was relatively easy, I thought then.

I discovered later however; that it was useless creating a blog if no one gets to read it. My blog does not even appear in the search I ran for help to google search and typed "how to add your URL to google search" and " search optimization".

The instructions for optimization were more difficult than I had thought, because I did not understand computer "lingo". It talked about, HTML, widgets, RSS feeds, body tags, etc. There was an instruction about editing the HTML of my template. I tried at least 15 times to place the "meta tag" for the verification code in my HTML, before I could do it right. In fact, I was ready to give up. I am thankful now that I did not, because on the next attempt - I made it...Halleluyah!

Eventually I learned how to download pictures, attach widgets (what is a widget?, insert links, and change templates with ease.

Chat fed, an entrecard member suggested that I use banners/flags and I don't know exactly what he means. (Thanks)

But the search engine is there so I will do my research again. I am learning while I am blogging. I wonder if there are people out there (my age) who still blog? ( Am I too old to blog?...thinking out loud)

Anyway; indeed, experience is the best teacher! and Truly, patience is a virtue!


tashabud said...

Nah! Never too old. I, myself, just started. I don't know any of the lingos either, and I don't have time to research about them. I'll take the easy way and read your blog to learn about them.

Jena Isle said...

he he he, right Tasha...but I am older than you sign in my guest book , thanks

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the ageless project? There are some very old people blogging :)

Jenaisle said...

A, I did visit the site Ageless project, but there rules are so stringent, and I want to keep track of my readers...but thanks for informing me. Happy blogging

Holly Jahangiri said...

Um, how old are you?? :)

I don't think you're EVER too old for blogging. You can be too old for playing football. You can be too old to be a sex worker. You can be too old to do neurosurgery (really - no offense to older neurosurgeons, but as we age, the steadiness in our hands may decrease and the odds of spontaneous death by natural causes goes up, and frankly I would not want to have my cranium hanging open while my 97 year old neurosurgeon has a stroke and hits the floor behind me). Seriously, though, age merely has a few side effects that can challenge us - and perhaps that's just nature's way of compensating young people for our greater life experience, trying to level the playing field so they have a fighting chance in life. ;)

I think that learning new things - computer, Internet, social media marketing skills among them - helps to keep the "aging brain" agile.

Holly Jahangiri said...

P.S. You may be spending too much time on celebrity news blogging when all your blog's captcha codes are based on rap artists. :) Seriously - the last one? "tyupac"?

Jena Isle said...

Hi Hello,

It was just a rhetorical question. :D sorry for late reply. Got the Holiday hangover.