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I don't usually write about politics and economics but I can't help myself today. Classes were suspended again because of a jeepney strike. I don't blame the jeepney drivers as they feel it their responsibility to air their grievances.

I would take to the streets too, if the opposition could show me a better alternative to the Arroyo government.

If we are truly patriotic, would the nation not be our first priority? Our economic progress is being downgraded by all these rallies and activities the opposition is facilitating and organising. Isn't that un-nationalistic?

I am not an expert on political issues, and neither am I an expert in writing, but it is very plain to see that the opposition is taking a field day out of the fervor of our idealistic youth and other groups with legitimate complaints, to advance their cause-whatever it may be.

God bless the Philippines!


Anmari said...

You are quiet right jena. btw, thank you for your wonderful comment. i'm on my early 20's :). God bless you.

Jena Isle said...

Thanks too for visiting. God bless.

Anonymous said...

yeah..everything's going up these days.

Jena Isle said...

anmari, know you like to write poetry. I have visited a site for poets. Do join the poetry contest . I know you will do good.
My bug life - yes everything is going up except worker's wages .

anmari said...

I don't know if i'm good in writing poems...I'll give it a try...Thanks for the info. :)

Arduous Nincompoop said...

I wish we all could boycott the oil companies and ride bikes for a week. They would crumble and have to listen. They are making billions and billions of dollars while watching people lose jobs and housing because of it.

It is a sad thing.
Thanks for posting such an important topic!!

Jena Isle said...

Hi Arduous,thanks for commenting. You are right, some people think it is a conspiracy for domination. Countries without oil don't have the option but accept their terms. Happy blogging.

Jena Isle said...

Anmari, do try. I know you can compose a good poem.