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"Entrecard powers up. Partners with SezWho to add about 20 quality comments to your posts"

As bloggers, one of the things that we look forward to, are the comments we receive for each article we post. Comments visibly demonstrate that a blog is alive; that people are reading our posts and that they find them interesting and worth to comment on.

Graham, the ever active administrator of Entrecard, had proven for himself that comments play a major role in succesful blogging - that indeed comments are a significant part of blogging - in fact - the most important aspect of blogging.

This prompted him to seek ways in which entrecarders can utilize this blog's feature to ensure a blog's success. That was how the partnership with SezWho materialized.

According to Graham and I quote: " The SezWho system is so robust, so powerful, that your comments are leveraged tremendously via their suite of features, to deliver an incredible amount of exposure and traffic..."

That was enough reason for me to register! and you can too. In three simple steps.

All an entrecarder has to do is to:
1. Register
2. Install the script in his blog.
3. Comment and rate comments (and in the process, earn extra credits)

Make sure your comments are well thought of and truly contribute to the post written.
Don't spam. Spamming has bad repurcussions.

All Photos from Entrecard

This enterprising move by Graham will hopefully set a beautiful trend of successful blogging by participants ensuring maximal exposure and a tremendous increase in traffic and readership.

What do you think?

Would Entrecard's latest "power - up" move be successful?

Click on the SezWho link and register now, to see for yourself!


Conchita said...

Great idea! Pleasantly surprised

Jena Isle said...

Hi Conchita, Yes it is a great idea a very enterprising move by Graham.

Thanks for the visit.

Eric S. said...

I already registered, I copied the script into my widgets, and now we'll have to sit back and see what happens.

PS, Thanks for EC's, totally unexpected.

geekyhabitat said...

I had a few issues getting SezWho up and running but am beginning to iron out the issues.

I think that it seems to be very much in its infancy at the moment however with all the new blogs coming on board from Entrecard I think it will get a real boost not only to traffic but in turn development of the current "product" and new features.

LOL what can I say, it has me commenting a bit more the last few days *winks*.

And kudos to Graham for getting it all together as you said.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Eric, Yes, I hope it will be a successful venture.

I enjoy reading your review of other blogs.

Thanks for the visit and keep posting.

Hi Stuart, you're right, I made more comments now than before and indeed, Graham was right about several good posts not being commented on.

But I still don't comment on posts I don't have any interest on. (winks too)

Happy blog hopping.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, I think sezwho may be a good idea. I followed the steps and registered, but I didn't receive a script.
I wrote to sezwho and the reacted instantly and send me a script, that hasn't sent yet.
Now I have installed the script, but the rating feature doesn't show. I'll have to write them again. I do hope, these are only beginning difficulties.... ;-)

Jena Isle said...

Ray, I placed the link of sezwho at the topmost widget on my side bar and it works out well.

Leave it for a few hours before everything appears.

Happy blogging.

Ritchiela said...

I registered to SezWho too.

Thank you for the comment,I apprecite it.Feeling before now,I am glad huh.

take care!

Jena Isle said...

Hi Ritchiela thanks for dropping by.
I know this Sezwho initiative will slowly perk up.

happy blogging.

Atniz said...

Looks like its going to create a big wave for all the bloggers. Maybe, in next few month.. Entrecarder members can take about 30-50% of all top 100,000 Alexa ranking...

Jena Isle said...

Hi Atniz, I look forward to that too. This could only materialize if every entrecarder utilizes the system properly.



I love this idea and need to sign up for SezWho. Thanks for reminding me and for submitting my post!!!

Jena Isle said...

Hi Heidi, you're welcome and thanks too for the visit.

Joliber Mapiles said...

that's a good move on the part of graham..

Anyway, thanks to for sending me ECs, i really appreciate it jena..


Descartes said...

I'm giving SezWho a shot, but not exactly sure how it works. I like the little drop downs that show where you have commented recently.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Joliber, yes Graham had a dynamic motivation. You're welcome and thanks for the visit.

Descartes, I'm looking for the HTML of that drop down too. I still have not found it. Thanks for the visit.