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Michael Jackson: The Total Performer

Everyone is talking about him. There are negative things that his detractors made a field day of. How easily we believe and wallow in them. But have we ever thought of giving him the benefit of the doubt? The more scandalous the item was, the more the public indulged in it. The man had great talent and we should accord him that!

This video is one of my favorites- "Will You Be There?".
Will you be there when it's I who will be needing you?
I hope you'll enjoy it!



Dee said...

It is so sad. Let's pray for him.

Lucrecio Emerito said...

Yeah, I guess more people find it more interesting to focus on the darker side of things.

Jena Isle said...

Wow, the couple is here. Thanks for honoring me with your visit. Indeed, let's pray for him, Dee.

I smiled at your comment Luke, about the dark side..he he he.

All the best to both of you.

koe said...

Jena Isle - thank you for posting this video. I had not seen it. It's really sad. His talent was amazing, his life so sad, his death even sadder.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Koe,

Yes, he has talent, indeed.

coolingstar9 said...

Michael Jackson gave millions of people joy through his performances. We need to appreciate it.
He was the most talented singer and excellant dancer in this century.
He was the good man.
Thinking of his bright side, he loved charity.
Let's wish him rest in peace.

zorlone said...

My favorite MJ song... Ben



Cacai M. said...

hello, happy MM! I didn't knew that we have the same picked song and it's great to know that you also like this one. My fave is Heal The World but since I already feature it, I just choose a sad song to mourn of his death and a tribute too. May he rest in peace.

Visit me back? see yah... Have a pleasant day!

Jena Isle said...

Hi Coolingstar,

Indeed, he's an icon for that generation. Cheers.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Z,

I like that song too and "One Day in Your Life."

Thanks for the visit.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Cacai,

I guess we like the same beat? Thanks, I'll hope over to yours site this evening. All the best.

Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

pang shusyalen naman pala toh..he he he..nice blog..unang una pa si dee sa comment.:)

Jena Isle said...

Hi Ever,

Hindi naman pang sosyalan lang, lahat ay welcome dito. Thanks for the visit. All the best.

2009 Nursing Board Exam said...

It is also 1 of favorite actually i like all MJ songs but this one was a bash for me...

bingkee said...

I love all MJ"s songs....of course I'm a fan since I was a teenager in the 80's.

Jericho said...

I remember when i was teenager, there are Michael Jackson Video games (on SEGA) with his song for music illustration, thats double satisfaction to hear his music and playing the game :)