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PAGASA has announced that: Typhoon "PEPENG" {PARMA} is still on its predicted track, and I quote:

"...with maximum sustained winds of 195 kph and gustiness of up to 230 kph. It is forecast to move West Northwest at 19 kph."

Although it is still signal no.1 in the Pampanga area, Tarlac, Bulacan, etc, the strength of this typhoon corresponds to signal n0. 4 already.

This is an EXCERPT FROM THE PAGASA SITE. I would like to post it here for emphasis.



  • The disturbance is dangerous to the communities threatened/affected.
  • The sea and coastal waters will be very dangerous to all seacrafts.
  • Travel is very risky especially by sea and air.
  • People are advised to seek shelter in strong buildings, evacuate low-lying areas and to stay away from the coasts and river banks.
  • Watch out for the passage of the "eye" of the typhoon indicated by a sudden occurrence of fair weather immediately after very bad weather with very strong winds coming generally from the north.
  • When the "eye" of the typhoon hit the community do not venture away from the safe shelter because after one to two hours the worst weather will resume with the very strong winds coming from the south.
  • Classes in all levels should be suspended and children should stay in the safety of strong buildings.
  • Disaster preparedness and response agencies/organizations are in action with appropriate response to actual emergency.


In the end, prayer is still the most powerful weapon we could wield against anything.


Holly Jahangiri said...

What a monster of a storm, and right on the heels of Ondoy. This reminds some of us of Katrina and Rita, where tens of thousands of evacuees from Louisiana had to be evacuated AGAIN from shelters in Houston.

Be safe. You are all in my prayers. Check in when it's over.

jakill said...

I'm praying hard.

koe said...

Jena - I hope that everyone will be safe - such terrible storms are so frightening.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Holly,

Thanks for the concern. Our prayers are answered, it has slightly changed its path. I hope by tomorrow, it would have gone out of the country.

Hi Jean,

Thanks for your prayers. It seems you have a great influence up there.

Hi Koe,

Thanks a lot. We were all holding our breath, waiting, for it to come to land.

Holly Jahangiri said...

I am so relieved, Jena!

Jhong Medina said...

I'm very thankful that our prayers has been answered. Prayers do move mountains. It would be very devastating for those victim of Typhoon Ondoy if Pepeng did not changed it's path.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Holly,

Although the storm has passed through Northern Luzon, it was not very strong here.

Hi Jhong,

Indeed, our prayers are answered.

Dee said...

Glad to know the storm wasn't that strong. Still, take care always! :)

jan geronimo said...

Travel by land or sea is very risky if there's no internet where you happen to be holed up. I gritted my teeth through 12 hours of boredom and bad television dramas at the Batangas pier.

Seriously, I'm glad this typhoon wasn't as destructive as the preceding one.