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After Christmas Email

Merry Christmas 2009

from the Walker family!

Yet another year has flown by – seemingly in the blink of an eye! We’re hoping that for all of you, it has been a good one!

For us, it’s been a year geared mostly towards the kids. Sarah graduated this year from the University of California with a degree in Electrical Engineering. She married Perry Newman on August 8 in an outdoor wedding (on a sweltering hot day), here in California . They’re living just a few blocks away from us and Sarah’s currently working as an Assistant Manager at Microsoft - and Perry’s working as a Computer Sales Manager at Alpha Electronics in Colorado. Sarah’s looking into teaching and what she needs to do to get there. For now, I believe they’re waiting to see whether Perry stays at Alpha Electronis store or ends up somewhere else… meaning that they might be moving. So, were enjoying them while they’re still here.

Dave and Tracy got married, on June 3rd. Theirs was a simple, private ceremony with a judge at the county office building. Tracy recently gave birth to Kevin Walker on September 18th. So, with them both coming up on just 21 years of age – and already with three kids - we really hope the baby factory gets shut down for a while. At the moment, neither of them is working and (to make matters worse) they are now without a vehicle (after “blowing up” the engine in their Blazer). They also live just a few blocks away and Kate’s been busy chauffeuring them around town. Justin’s fast approaching three years old and is generally fun to have around (he has his moments). Mariah just turned one and is walking - and enjoying her newfound mobility.

We (again) didn’t take the usual summer family vacation this year. Kate and I made a few trips to Black Hawk to do some gambling and have some “private” time together. Kate and Sarah also made a couple trips there and each won some nice jackpots. My hunting season was quite satisfying this year, particularly the taking of a nice mule buck with the bow. I also traveled (again) up to the Jackson Hole area in September to accompany my huntin’ buddy, Jim, on his bull bison hunt. It was pretty bizarre that I got drawn last year and he got drawn this year. After days of walking in the area’s National Forest lands, he got his bison…and it was (as it was last year) a lot of work – but all worth it!

Kate and I had (again) planned to get started with fly fishing this past year, but it didn’t happen (again). We’re still looking forward to spending that time together on the water and in the woods – this coming year for sure (we hope)!

And now, again, as Christmas and the year’s end approaches, we feel so very thankful for the many things in life that we enjoy, but mostly feel blessed merely for having one another to share life’s journey with. We truly hope that this card and letter find you in good health, good spirits and good fortune - and wish you the very best for now and the coming year. Take care.

With warm regards, Ted. (on behalf of the entire Walker clan)


Great Barrier Reef Hotels said...

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The Ancient Digger said...

Sounds like you had a much more eventful year than I did. School, then school, and more school. lol

Jena Isle said...

Hello GreatBarrier,

Hi, you're welcome. Happy Holidays.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Lauren,

Good luck with school. Soon you'll get done. Happy holidays.

Dee said...

Happy New Year, Jena! Wish you and your family all the best this year! :)

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

You are so right...isnt life all about having loved ones to share our life with. Beautiful summing up of thoughts. Great way to start the new year by reading this post. Reminds us what is really important in life.

Jena Isle said...

Hello Dee,

Thanks, happy new year too.

Jena Isle said...

Hello L. Venkata,

Warmest greetings and happy new year.

ajchtar said...

I not only like the content of your charitable posts but i see the purposeful and bright presentation stirs up an even better mood! :)