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Friendly dilemmas and cushions.

A Teen Writer
              Even if you pour your heart out to other people, they can still mistake it for something else, people do not think the same way, it's unfortunate that other people tend to look at things in a bad perspective, it's demeaning to know that you've given all you could only to look like a worthless fool in the end, to choose and to trust goes together, it doesn't mean that all because you want to be kind, you'd let others take you for granted. Being prudent is essential, not only with making friends but with keeping them friends, it's alright to trust your friends, there is nothing wrong with that, for as long as you know them long enough. Sometimes, you even know them for years and they still come up with the guts to stab you when you're not looking or ready.

                                           Frustration is a part of life, you may feel down every now and then but never let that get y\to you, always remember that you may be unlucky with some people but you'll always have real friends and if you do not have that, you'd still have a family and in the event that you're not in good terms with them, always keep in mind, that your maker will never turn his back on you, even when the whole world does so. Value your friendship, but not to the point of becoming a foolish martyr for the sake of socialization, never give in to peer pressure, it's the downfall of many.

                                            To forgive is the first step after every conflict, but what happens when the others are unwilling to do the same? Separation may not be a good option but staying for the misery and little hope you have left doesn't seem any better, be patient, it doesn't mean that all because you were too unfortunate to be accepted by a group of people, it doesn't mean that the rest will do the same, people have different views about each other, some may see you as a bad person, the next group might just see you as a treasure, for as long as you make sure that you never do anything that would make them think otherwise.

                                             Isolation is difficult, to have problems and not have anyone to tell, it's the tears that fail to come out that usually hurt you, crying is not a display of weakness, in fact it's a display of humanity and emotional stability, it's usually pride that causes a good friendship to deteriorate, it also causes families to crumble, if one side is willing to accept the mistake and take the fault while the other is willing to reconcile and mend bridges, there wouldn't be so many problems these days, anger leads to more anger if the other side finds themselves mad then it begins a cycle of conflict that rarely ends well.
                                             Stay away from people who have many Vices, sooner or later they may impose pressure on you or tell you that you're not a part of the group if you do not join them, many children give in to this kind of pressure and not everyone will do the right thing and leave, fearing the state of loneliness that haunts outcasts and alike. Being aware of your faults is also important, remember, you can't always be right, be ready to apologize when needed, it isn't so hard to say you're sorry, it's difficult to mend a bridge when blown up by wrath.

                                            Many friends are lasting, they'll never betray you and will stick up for you even when they know you're wrong, but that doesn't mean they won't try telling you about your faults and mistakes, the best thing to do is to accept when they're right, it's tear jerking to know your friends have to leave and it would take time before you see each other again, but friendship involves such trials, it's always worth the wait, there are friendships you just can't let go of, no matter how complicated or hard your situation is, you'll know your real friends, they're the ones that still stay even when everyone else leaves you in a pit, they'd still be there to pull you out, there's no need for many friends, all you need is a few who will understand, bear with you and mean so much to you.

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