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Pointers in Preparing a Table of Specifications

In preparing for a Table of Specifications in any subject, you must remember that the following pointers to make it more reliable.
1.      Table of Specifications vary from one topic to another. The percentage weight of each topic will be based on the importance of the topic or upon the course requirements, or the academic requirements of the subject.

2.      Remember to categorize your questions into, easy, average and difficult. You can prepare an item analysis every time you conduct an exam, so that you can have a data to base on your future analyses. This is also one basis of your Table of Specifications.

3.      Ensure that students are given enough time to answer per question. Usually an objective question needs 1 minute, while a problem solving can spend from 3 to 5 minutes.  

4.      Take some course in test construction to be able to prepare correct and reliable questions that would effectively measure your students acquired knowledge.

These are some of the pointers in preparing your Table of Specifications; you can review samples of a Table of Specifications in Physiology and Table of Specifications in Clinical Chemistry.  

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