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What Teachers Should Teach Their Students, From a Student's Point of View

By  Lester Taga Capas

The lessons they teach in school include never ending lectures on parts of the sentence and writing poems, what they should have focused on, was how to EXPRESS yourself through poems with the use of correct sentence construction.

They have never ending math problems and terms I don't even remember, what I wanted to be taught was how to add to the happiness of others, subtract all the doubts from my life, divide and share my blessings and multiply my growth in character exponentially.

They taught so much about history but what I wish I had learned was how to LOVE my country, to remember the sacrifices that were made by our heroes regardless of whether I remember the dates.

I wish I had been taught how to play the piano and guitar, to feel the music and appreciate its beauty then learn the notes later. In physical education

I wish I had been taught more about proper and healthy diets, how to keep and stay healthy, how to treat injuries with the use of first aid treatments. In science

I wish I had been taught how science can make the world a better place, not the names of scientists who invented nitroglycerin and the atomic bomb.

I wish school grades were based more on how what we were learning made us better people rather than the things we won't always remember. Learning is supposed to be fun and no amount of facts and lessons in history can ever equal a lesson in becoming a better person, in humility and faith. You ask why so many smart people have bad attitudes?

You should have focused on teaching them better. How can you mold students to be better people if you bombard them with information that will be of little use or barely even remembered by them in the future?

In my opinion, the system of education should focus more on character and good moral values. Instead of focusing on high grades, why not focus on helping the students become better people? You cannot learn everything, but you can teach people to be kind to everyone.

The greatest lesson one can teach is love for their fellow people because that is the key to becoming better human beings.

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