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How to Strengthen Family Bonds

Organize activities together with your neighbor One effective way of strengthening your family bond is to organize an outing with your neighbor’s family. It could be an overnight stay at the beach on a weekend. Follow these steps and you will be at the beach in no time with your neighbor:

a) Talk to your neighbor about the idea and wait for the signal. When they have agreed on it
b) Let both families know of the plan.
c) Plan with them how you are going to do it. Who will prepare the food, what activities are you going to have at the beach all day and so on.
d) Go to the beach. In the morning, you can go for water skiing, volleyball at the beach then have lunch together.

In the afternoon, you can do some fun competition like sack race and more between families. In the evening, you can arrange for a barbecue party.

In doing this, your kids are actually observing how the other family is interacting and supporting each other in all the activities that you did. If the family you are with is a family that has a strong bond, your kids will be influenced to do the same. Your responsibility to get your family closer is easier to do after this experience.

 Involve yourself with your kid’s friends and families

Get to know your kid’s friends and families. You will feel more comfortable when you know whom your kid is spending time with and who are the families of these friends.

When you do, you will come to trust them and allow your kid to be with his friends’ families on an overnight. Your kid will learn bonding, caring and love from these families which will soon be manifested in yours.  

Here is how you to be involved in your kid’s friends and families

a) Ask your kid to arrange a meeting with the mothers of his friends for a coffee near the school where they are going. Get to know them well and see if these are people that your kid should mingle with. It is not that you are looking down on other families, but you would like to be sure that your kid is in good hands.

b) Gain the trust of the mothers of your kid’s friends by being sincere with them. You do not need to explain why you are befriending them, they know why you are doing it and they appreciate it. They also wanted to do that, but you were faster than them. So do not worry about what they are thinking about you taking the first step to talk to them.

c) If you are comfortable with the mothers, you can suggest a family gathering to get to know the families of your kid’s friends.

When you established friendship between families, it is now easier to deal with your kid’s whereabouts, you can easily talk to her about his friends and activities.

d) Invite his friends for an overnight stay in your house on a Friday night. Prepare good meals for them and let them have fun.

Make sure to call their parents to inform them what their kids are doing at the time of the call. Assure them that their kids are safe with you.

In doing this, you are cementing the bond that you have with your kid. He will feel more comfortable with you since he knows that you are with him in his choice of friends.

It will also mean you will approve of his activities with his friends.

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