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The GoldFish

Research has proven that watching fishes in an aquarium calms nerves and de stresses a person. The goldfish is a pet that some people have in their aquariums. The best room for a goldfish is a well-ventilated and lighted room, which is situated near a window but not under direct sunlight, so when it comes to selecting the best room for a goldfish, it should be the well-lighted room.


A goldfish thrives more in well-lighted rooms than in the dark. This is because pigments, which interact with light, because its brilliant color, which is commonly bright orange. The ultraviolet property of light interacts with the pigments on the skin surface of the fish and produces its bright colors.

Although there are other colors like yellow orange, green and blue, the most common is the yellow-orange color.

Having your aquarium in a well-lighted room would accentuate also, the bright shimmering yellow color of the goldfish and would lend a jovial and sunny ambience to a room. Unlike when the aquarium is in a darkened room, its esthetic beauty could not be appreciated fully.

Be sure a good and proper filter is in place, as this would filter out microorganisms that could cause fish disease and fish death. Cover the aquarium adequately because the fish tends to jump and to prevent fish tank contamination from the outside.

Have sufficient supply of oxygen and clean water (at least 12 gallons) which should be changed daily or at regular intervals. The water's temperature should be constant to ensure the stability of the environment.

The pH (acidity or alkalinity) of the water should be above 7 or alkaline in nature. Adding corals could increase the water's alkalinity.

The goldfish should be preferably alone in a long aquarium for it to grow more. It should also have a lot of space. It can grow to as much as 15 inches and could live as long as 3-9 years.

Feeding the goldfish 2-3 X a day would be sufficient. There are pre-manufactured goldfish foods. Be sure to follow the instructions before feeding them.


The goldfish needs the dark too, but not that often. This can be attained during the night when minimum light is left in the room. Very long exposures to the dark; however, is discouraged as this makes the fish unhealthy.

So if you are to buy a goldfish for your aquarium, be sure that you place it in a well-ventilated and sufficiently lighted room. This is not only so you could admire the beautiful, visual display of the colors of the goldfish, but also for its survival and proper growth environment.

photo by Andrew®

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