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The Immeasurable Price of Gold

I have always wondered where the alleged Yamashita Gold treasures were really buried. For years, treasure hunters scaled mountains and dug deep into the ground in search for them. Almost everyone wants a share of this most touted gold supposed to be kept in places where the Second World War has taken place. Up to now, people are still searching for them. Some discovered minor treasures but not the gold bars allegedly buried by General Yamashita.

Why is there keen interest in gold? This is because gold prices are the basis of a nation’s economy. In times of peace and war, cash may not be honored but gold is honored anywhere in the world. Gold is worth more than cash.

Amidst economic recession in most countries of the world, gold is the most stable commodity because the gold price does not depreciate but appreciates even more as years pass by. People all around the globe recognize this fact.

Wouldn’t it be reassuring to have your own gold collection? You can use a free gold guide to select whatever you want to purchase whether an American buffalo, Australian gold nugget , gold Canadian maple leaf, American platinum eagle and many more types and designs. This is a gold spot that you can take advantage of. Have your own gold collections and rest assured you have a treasure that lasts forever.


tashabud said...

Oh, how I'd like to get my hands on one of those Yamashita's gold bars. I think I should come there, fully armed with a metal detector. What do you say, Jena? But, I probably won't even go pass the check point and my metal detector would be confiscated, huh? Sad to say. If there's no restriction on metal detectors by the government there, let me know. What would happen if a treasure hunter finds the treasure? Will there be a 50/50 split with the government? The Japanese shouldn't get it since it's a stolen loot, right?

I have a brother-in-law who's collecting all the buffalo gold coins and other types of gold coins. They look very impressive in their mohagony chest.


Jena Isle said...

Yes Tasha,

They're more myth than fact. But there were isolated cases where they really dug some pieces of gold, like the golden buddha. That was real and the government has to confiscate it and