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“She Believes in Me” by Scotty McCreery, American Idol 2011 Winner (Video)

Scotty McCreery sang this flawlessly in the finale of American Idol Season 10 and it has contributed to his winning the title American Idol 2011.  Lauren Alaina ended up as second in the first, ever, American Idol Finale where both of the contenders are in their teens and are country music singers.

Back to the song, “She Believes in Me,” which was sang originally by Kenny Rogers, is a song about someone believing in you. When everyone else had turned their backs on you, this beloved will stand by your side no matter what. He/she could see something special in you that nobody else sees. That’s what love does to a person. It allows you to see beautiful things in your beloved. True love, that is. So do you see something special in the person you love that other people don’t? Then it is a significant sign that you truly love the person. You may want to know what happened during the American Idol 2011 Finale, and when Scotty McCreery had a welcome homecoming in Garner, North Carolina.

Here is Scotty McCreery’s wonderful song, “She Believes in Me.”

Scotty McCreery singing “She Believes in Me”
Video credit: AmericanIdol2011TV/You Tube

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Home Inspector Training said...

Actually, Scotty fixed the posture thing--he was so used to playing guitar. And you might want to watch him on Regis & Kelly if it gets posted on you tube....he just sang with a piano and it was beautiful. He can sing.

Home Inspector Expert said...

Congrats to Scotty, I hope I get to meet you this coming fest in person. I'll be there like the pass years from New Orleans this time cheering you on. I love hearing you for you have that true heart in your voice witch it's going to the best. I think when they hear you sing in person they will go crazy as well as
I just knew when I first heard your voice and sing that you would go all the way and win. I thank you for way you being so truthful our Lord and us. I was voting for Carrie Underwood from day one also. I'll be at the CMT & CMA Fest looking for you. Knowing that I may see you or meet you at CMA Fest will make this trip more wonderful for me. The lord is with you so sing as you never done before and have fun. Scotty you may be 17, but you sing with heart that shows. We have so much to be thankful for your sining is what this world needs. Luren and you have brought bar of country even higher. It's going to be a good CMA Fest ever.
Man I love country and country love you guys.

tashabud said...

I truly love his voice. I hope he won. I haven't been able to watch the show. Thanks for this post.

Love and hugs,

tashabud said...

Sorry, I didn't pay attention to the title of your post. It's good to know that he won. Yay! Way to go Scotty.

Jena Isle said...

Home inspector, Indeed Scotty deserves to win.


It's okay. We predicted correctly that Scotty would win..Yehey...I'll buy all his records. esp, this song.
Take care and hugs.