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Musings of Ajchtar on Anxiety and Stress

Musings of Ajchtar

Are you feeling nervous, anxious, depressed and uneasy? Do your work and peers make you feel like breaking down to tears? Add factors like thirst, heavy sweating, pain and the feeling that your heart wants to jump out of your chest and it’s definitely Anxiety accompanied by stress. Many things can contribute to the feeling stress; this involves work and all you have to put up with for the day.

What makes anyone more anxious than a death threat or certain doom or trouble? If you’re feeling anxious because you forgot to do something due the next day, you have a really big bill to pay or your dying of a terrible disease with no cure, then this is not the article that helps you cure or solve any that. But it does help in preventing them somehow.

Be friendly, learn to be flexible, you have to remember that when someone offends you, it means nothing unless you make something of it. Do not set something aside for some other time if you can do it the very moment it’s given to you, you’ll have plenty of time to relax after your job has been accomplished. Do not get yourself into situations that will one day get you in a horrible situation, living is not being careless, it’s having a lifestyle worth living for.

Learn to laugh in stressful situations, even if something is serious, no one can stop you from greeting it with a smile, ever heard of “Laughing in the face of danger”? Warm milk is a great helper in stressful situations, if you’re lactose intolerant, warm juice will do nicely.

Go to bed early! You need the strength to face the next day. If you’re suffering from diarrhea, eat porridge. Decrease your caffeine and alcohol intake if you’re into them to lessen the nervousness. But most of all, all you need is people who care for you, understand you and love you. You just need people to cheer you up. You have to unwind, you do not live to work, you work to live, you do not eat to work, you work to eat, and sometimes you just need a positive attitude.


Ajchtar is a young writer who expresses himself without the frills. WYSIWYG ! You can search this blog for more of his ramblings. And this has been composed for about 10 minutes and went straight to this blog, without much ado.

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