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Do you want to know if a person truly loves you? Tell Her/Him You Have AIDS

Yes, you’ve read the title correctly, if you want to know how much a person loves you, tell her/him you have AIDS. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is one of the most dreaded diseases of the century. It is because once you have it, it progresses rapidly and you are open to all types of infections because your immune system is compromised.

One marked manifestation of AIDS is just by a person’s physique or physical appearance. If the person grows thinner and thinner every day, without any underlying reason, then 99%, he or she has AIDS. So if a person is fat and does not have any unexplained weight loses, then rest assured he or she has NO AIDS. But of course serological blood tests will confirm the diagnosis.

If you have told the person who claims to love you, that you have AIDS and the person still wants to spend an overnight time with you, then it is an indication that he /she truly cares for you...loves you enough to listen to all your ramblings within a 24 hour-period. (Overnight does not mean sex per se, it means spending the precious 24-hours sharing and strengthening your bonds and just being together.)

So next time a person claims to love you, tell him/her you have AIDS and watch for her/his reaction, It classifies those who truly care for you.

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k-ivs said...

hhmhmh interesting post.. lol, thnx for sharing.. nice to be here

kevin mcroger said...

a clever condition to determine how your partner wants you in bed.