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Tips in Preparing Multiple Type Questions for College Students

If you have problems in preparing multiple type questions, read on. The multiple types of questions or simply called multiple choice is the most common method of examination for college students. You can test all the cognitive skills of students through these questions. Problem solving, simple recall, enumeration, and case analysis could be answered making use of multiple type questions.  Here are some pointers in preparing them:

1.      Construct grammatically correct sentences.  Poor grammar would confuse the students.

2.      Questions should be clear and not ambiguous. Brief but concise sentences are good. How to prepare them is a skill that you will acquire through experience. An example is asking:  ”The following are good in dissecting, except:” Be specific, ask instead: “The following procedures are good in dissecting a frog, except:”

3.      The longer data are preferable as questions. The shorter ones are the choices.

4.      Arrange the choices with the shortest sentence or phrase as the first choice and

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