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Rey Rombawa Jr.'s Video, iBlog7 Manila: The Blogger and the Singer

I am a fan of Rey Rombawa Jr. the singer and yes, I have to admit, the blogger too. He has a powerful, deep timbered voice worthy to sing "The Warrior is a Child."

Rey sang in the recently concluded iBlog 7 and he has an ongoing sore throat but listen to his voice. That was a spectacular performance. It gave me the goose bumps. And, mind you, he writes flawlessly too. If you graduated from the top university in the country, UP, then what would you expect but an IQ above average, incredible wit, flawless English and superb talent. Mabuhay ka Rey! I hope someday, you’ll be able to sing my song. Hopefully, not at my funeral….LOL…really.

Rey is taken though ladies. Visit his blog at and here’s the video of him and the UP Choral singing during the iBlog7 event in Manila. Thanks Rey for allowing me to share this video in my blog.

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