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How to Spice up a Boring Blog Spicing up Blogs

A boring blog can be likened to a food without flavor or to a song with no singer. It would not be appreciated like it should be.

People would pass by and not give it a second look. If you have a blog and you could not entice readers to stay and explore it, then it would be considered “boring.”

Spicing up your blog to make it more interesting is a smart decision. Here are simple and practical methods to do so.

1. Write interesting posts 

This is the primary remedy that you should do. Most bloggers would say that "Content is King.” Write interesting posts that readers would search for and would be willing to read.

When a post is interesting, the other negative aspects are equalized. People would stay and read if your article bears some importance to them and you are able to arouse their interest.

2. Conduct a contest 

You can conduct a contest without you getting from your own pocket for the prizes. The contest should be related to your niche to spice up your blog and to attract readers.

If you are in the writing niche, you can hold a “Flash Fiction” or Poetry writing contest or like this Creative Writing Contest. The contest requires fees however, which may discourage participants. It is preferred not to collect fees for the entries because participants would be motivated to enter and win some cash instead, and not to fish out their own cash for your contest.

Most participants/readers prefer cash prizes, which you can solicit from your online friends by providing a space for their widgets or banners in your site as compensation for their donations, This Traffic Generation Contest is one example.

If you could not generate cash, then you can give out prizes like books, and items. You can also give out credits if you are a member of a blogging community, like this “Interpret This Kalinga Man Photo Contest.” You can accommodate links to the donors’ blogs for a month or for a specified amount of time, or even for as long as your blog exists. This will depend upon your discretion.

3. Award Top Three monthly commentators 

Your readers would be motivated to comment and to monitor your posts if they could win some extra cash from your Top Commentator of the Month Award.

You can award the Top Three commentators for the month and then acknowledge the rest who participated. This is also one way of letting your readers know that you value their inputs. This would definitely spice up your blog and breathe some life into it.

4. Add pictures 

Remember that graphics and pictures present your ideas clearly and attractively. If you are describing a dazzling, lovely sunset, you could show this more vividly to your readers with an actual picture of the event.

As the cliché’ goes, “A picture paints a thousand words.” Online surfers would also tend to stay on a page which has more attractive pictures.

5. Add videos 

Adding videos would also make your blog alive. You can create your own video. There are several sites which allow you to create your own video free of charge. These sites include YouTube, Vimeo, Flicker and a lot more.

You can also post videos created by other people, as long as you have their permission or you give them credit in your post. You should be completely aware of copyright issues. Ignorance of it won’t excuse you from any legal issues later if you get caught plagiarizing or copying other users’ content.

6. Make your theme vibrant 

Your blog’s theme should be interactive and vibrant. Try using some color and animation. Do not use pop-ups and automatic music though, as this is not appreciated by lots of online surfers. Use your common sense and place yourself in the shoes of the reader, you would come up with ingenious ideas.

7. Write as if you are talking to your readers

Write as if you are directly talking to your readers. Visualize them across the table “listening” to you while you write your article. Ask for their inputs or opinions regarding your post. Inviting their comments would allow them to voice out their thoughts about the subject. You can add a chat box widget, like a chatroll in your side bar, if you blog regularly.

Many blog owners write for what readers want, this is excellent, but you must also write for yourself. You could only interest your readers if you are passionate about your topic because it will show in your posts. These are some of the vital ways you can do to spice up your blog.

Remember to utilize whatever online resources you can use to help you in your quest. Blogging should be an exciting and not a boring adventure.

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