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Why Updating your Blog several Times a Week is Important

Creating a blog is an exciting endeavor, especially if Internet surfers get to read your blog. You may have created your blog for several reasons. The reason could range from having a medium to express your thoughts, to maximizing the exposure of your business.

Whatever it is, you need “traffic” or readers to be able to accomplish this successfully. One way of doing this is to update your blog several times a week.

The following are important effects of updating your blog regularly. 

• Increases “traffic” or visitors 

You could only obtain “traffic” or readers if the search engines could access your blog and bring your posts to organic searches. One way of doing this is by updating your blog several times a week. This is because when the "bots" (Internet robots) of search engines "crawl" your blog, they could detect that you have new posts regularly, so they would be programmed to scan your site more often. This would drive massive traffic to your blog thus increasing your visitors.

• Traffic obtained is “organic,” which is more productive 

When you post new content regularly, your blog will attract “organic traffic.” Organic traffic is traffic resulting from searchers who are interested in your blog content or product. In this case, there is more likelihood that they will read your post or buy your products.

• Increases your ranking in the SERP

Posting several times a week would also program the search engine crawlers to frequently scan your pages, and therefore exposing more of your content to search engine traffic.

This would increase your ranking in the SERP or Search Engine Result Pages. Search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing; derive the results they come up with from posts in websites and blogs.

If you have regularly updated your blog, then your links will appear more on the first pages of the SERP. When they do, the probability of your link being clicked is increased significantly.

• You will gain more loyal readers 

If visitors to your blog notice that you always have fresh material, they would return and could become your loyal readers. These are some of the vital results of updating your blog various times in a week. The activity could also hone your skills as a writer.

It would encourage you to do more research because you have to come up with new materials every day to sustain your blog. Whether you are a newbie or a pro, knowing this fact could help you a lot to succeed in blogging.

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