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Best Blog Award From Heather

This Best Blog award has been given by a great friend and I can't refuse, just like the award I received from Holly. This award was given by Heather of Happymaking. Thanks Heather. You deserve the award yourself. Poncho Meg has awarded this to Heather.

I'm passing this on to all of my Power50 friends too. Heather, I can't help it if we have a similar list; we circulate in the same circle.


Heather Kephart said...

Thanks for thanking me, Jena. I feel so close to you lol

Jena Isle said...

he he you want to sing "Close to You" by the Carpenters?

jan geronimo said...

Thanks for including me in your awesome list of best blogs. :)

Jena Isle said...

Siyempre, you'll always be there Jan. I would never forget my favorite writer. Da best!