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Ways to Burn Excess Fats and Stay Healthy

To be able to burn fats quickly, you should couple exercise with dieting. Fats could only be "burned off" if you exercise those muscles and use the stored fat in your adipose tissues.

Sweating it off during exercise converts fat into energy which is then excreted out of your system. Dieting is not enough to lose those layered deposits. You could prevent fat from coming into your body but what about the fat deposits already existing? These could only be eradicated from your body by burning them off as energy.

Here are simple steps to shed off those excess pounds. Follow them religiously and reap the benefits of a slimmer body.

Eating frequent but small meals is a good way to diet.

An example of a small meal is:

1 small piece of lean meat, half cup of rice and a banana.
If you are used to eating snacks, don't deprive yourself, just reduce the amount.
Instead of eating a whole sandwich, eat just half of it, with a small amount of filling.

If previously you ate 1 cup of rice make it cup this time.

Eat foods with low calories.

Examples of foods with low calories are fruits and vegetables. Avoid meat fats, dairy products (milk, cheese, ice cream, white chocolates). Avoid foods in fast food restaurants. These are usually rich in Trans fats, which are bad fats and high in calories too. They would increase your likelihood of becoming obese.

Fruits and vegetables, aside from having fewer calories are also easily metabolized into vital substances for body utilization and proper body function. Certain components of fruits and vegetables (i.e. polyphenol) act as an antitoxin and anti carcinogenic agent.

The -" no -food - after 7 pm practice" has been proven successful to many dieters.

Eat your frequent, small meals during the day, but after 7 pm in the evening, no meals or snacks are already taken in. Water and fruit juices are allowed, but without the sugar or milk.

This is because at night time, we spent less energy, so taking in more food would cause this to be deposited in our adipose tissues and consequently make us gain more weight.

Drink lots of water and fruit juices.

Water is good for the body. It has zero calories, hydrates the cells and tissues of the body for proper functioning; rejuvenates the skin and enhances the excretion of toxic waste products of biochemical reactions out of the human system.

Eight glasses or more is advisable. Drink whenever you can.

If you crave for sweets, drink fresh fruit juice, tea, or cocoa instead.
Orange juice tops the list. Grapes, cranberry and other juices are also acceptable.
You could prepare your own juice to ensure that there are no additives and food colorings which are usually present in commercially prepared ones.

Fruit juices contain fewer calories, but have more significant nutrients needed by the body.

Exercising does not need to be strenuous as long as it is done daily or regularly and is coupled with dieting.

This maybe a simple exercise like brisk walking or jogging.

A minimum of 30minutes everyday would make exercise effective.

You would be surprised to notice the reduction in weight if you couple your dieting with any daily exercise.

You may also try aerobics, swimming, cycling, Tai-Chi (a Chinese graceful form of exercise involving the arms and the legs, much more like self defense mixed with dancing).

This will depend upon your physical stamina and capability. If you have a debilitating condition, then you have to consult your physician first.

Exercise is also good for the heart, increases circulation, lowers your blood pressure, and most importantly, burns fats that are still stored in your adipose tissue by converting them into ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) and energy.

The important things to remember are: to replace your dessert with fruits, reduce fat and carbohydrate intake (fats meat fat, dairy products; carbohydrates bread, rice, sugar); eat more vegetables, and exercise daily.

The dynamic combination of diet and exercise is a powerful method to reduce weight and stay healthy.

Try these methods, and surely with determination and proper motivation, you will succeed!

Photo by mikebaird


TrinaMb said...

Good information Jena, I like that you provided concrete examples. Eating less does not mean the same to everybody. Recently I heard - eat no more food than the size of your palm at one sitting.
Thanks for the tips to keep us healthy.

Jena Isle said...

Hello Trina,

Thanks, I sure hope so. That's something worth trying. All the best.

Lauren said...

Thanks for the tips Jena. I am trying to lose 100 lbs right now, so I need all the help I can get.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Lauren,

I hope it works for you. All the best.

Dee said...

This article is so for me! I need to lose weight! :)

I'm trying the small, but frequent, meals. Still brushing up on that though, 'coz sometimes, it wasn't really that small pala, when I thought it was.

God bless, Jen! :)

Heather Kephart said...

Thanks for the tips and reminders! I recently read an article in Newsweek that basically said to exercise for weight loss is pointless, as the amount of calories you burn is minimal, and that calories are key. (Exercise for health is of course recommended.) But it makes sense what you said about dieting alone not removing the fat deposits.

I need to get back on the wagon again!

Jena Isle said...

Hello Dee,

You look slim, good luck.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Heather,

That's true, calories are very difficult to burn, but very easy to take in.

tashabud said...

Thanks for this post. My niece and I are still trying to get together to go to the gym after work. However, every morning we leave work, we're already tired and spent. Reading your post, I hope will motivate me to eat less also. Lately, I've been binging on carbohydrate-laden foods. Doesn't go well with healthy dieting.