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I have been introduced a new link by a friend -Justin from power fifty and now I've signed up.

This is the LinkedFromBlog blog advertising which gives bloggers the chance of writing paid posts. It looks promising. Imagine receiving $ 50 for each qualified referral.

There's no harm in trying so here I am. I'll buzz you when this works for me. I am excited to venture into this.

Wish me luck!

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Heather Kephart said...

Cool, Jena! How nice of you to sign up for this great service so that Justin may receive a hard earned $50. I just know this will be a great program for you both.

Jena Isle said...

But before he could get that. I'll have to earn first $500....hwah.

Dee said...

I think I've already signed up with this one. Not sure, though. I'm still checking if I did. If I didn't, will surely sign up.

God bless, Jen! :)

Roy said...

good luck Jen!

Jena Isle said...

Hi Dee, that's good to hear. Good luck


Thanks and all the best.