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The Millennium Development Goals Song: Tayo Tayo Rin

I have come across this at work: The MDG Song - Tayo Tayo Rin. (No One Else But Us) Transcribed as The Millennium Development Goals Song. It was sang by big-named stars in the music industry. I was impressed by the lyrics, so I'm posting it here together with the video.

If we work as one, we could achieve almost anything. This is what our young people should know; and the government is promoting this concept. Look at the "bayanihan" spirit of Pinoys during the "Ondoy" onslaught; "Nagkaisa tayo, kaya tayo nagtagumpay." (We worked as one, that was why we succeeded to overcome the disaster.)

This program had been adapted on a global phase and the time frame is from 2000-2015. Education for all, equality rights, alleviation of poverty, health services for everyone, are some of the goals for this on-going program.

The Chorus:

Sino pa bang magdadamayan
kundi tayo tayo rin?
Kung may pagkakataong tumulong
Huwag palampasin.

Simulan na ng pagtanim
ng mabubuting gawain.
Dahil sino pang aani
kundi tayo tayo rin?

This song was composed by Cecilia Datu and given melody by Rico Blanco.

Very meaningful lyrics. Let's share in the fulfillment of the government's goal.

Mabuhay ka Pinoy!


reyjr said...

"Kundi tayo tayo rin."

That's weird because I've never heard this before. I'm always up for a good cause tho. :D

Jena Isle said...

Hello ReyJr.

It's indeed weird, don't you think so? I too, haven't heard of this song up to now. A beautiful goal such as this one should be advertised as much as possible.

All the best.