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The Best-Frozen Margarita (Supposedly)

People who are fond of going to the bar have definitely tried the famous drink, margarita. Margarita blended with ice or frozen margarita is a popular serving. Finding the bar that serves the best-frozen margarita is expensive and time consuming. However, the best-frozen margarita is right in your own kitchen. In less than a minute, get the best drink. Just follow these few simple steps and next time you will surely host a margarita party in your place.

Things You’ll Need:

3 oz frozen limeade
3 oz triple sec
3 oz tequila
½ cup crushed ice
A plate of salt
1 piece lemon wedge



The Steps:

1.Place 3 oz of limeade, 3 oz triple sec and 3 oz of tequila in a blender.

2.Gradually add ½ cup crushed ice.

3.Set the blender at highest speed for about 30 seconds or until the mixture is smooth.

4.Rub the cocktail glass with lime and dip in a plate of salt to coat the rim. To coat the rim well, twist the glass a few times.

5.Pour mixture into the cocktail glass and garnish the margarita cocktail glass with a lemon wedge.

6.Serve immediately.


1.Tequila comes in five categories based on the length of aging process Blanco, Joven Añejo, Reposado , Añejo and Extra Añejo. The Extra Añejo is tequila at its best. Highly recommended brands of tequila are Patron, Cabo Wabo, Sauza, Don Julio, Jose Cuevo, Corralejo, Herradura and Chinaco.

2.Triple sec sweetens a drink. Adding more Triple sec makes the mixture sweeter. Suggested brands are those made from brandy or Cognac.

3.For those who do not like the touch of salt in the lips but like the taste of it in the drink, add a dash of salt directly to the margarita. Some may prefer sugar instead of salt. In this case, just substitute the salt with sugar.

4.If the mixture is too thick, you can add limejuice. If it is too thin, add more ice.

5.Adding fruits like strawberries, raspberry or banana gives the drink a variation. Mix this with the other ingredients and just follow the same steps above.

6.For a more frozen experience, chill the margarita glass for a few minutes before use.

1.Since frozen margarita is an alcoholic drink, consider the alcohol content of the tequila and triple sec. Most tequila come in 80 proof and triple sec in 60 proofs. Do not drive after taking a frozen margarita. Many countries and states prohibit driving when intoxicated with alcohol.

Photo by Mulsanne

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