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The Blogger is a Raconteur, a Singer and a Gentleman

Blogging meets are always exciting adventures for me because I get to meet bloggers from distant places, people whom I admire and have read only online. I am able to read them and get to know them before I meet them in person because I believe a blogger’s character shows in his posts eventually, no matter how he tries to hide it.

This blogger I am talking about have been a friend of a friend and I have to admit, I was not a regular visitor to his blog before the meeting. I have heard about him through this friend and he had assured me that he was a good man. Skeptical as I was, I suspended my judgment.

During the first blog meet up we were supposed to meet, but he was not able to make it. It was fine with me because I didn’t really know him as my friend did.

Then the third meet –up came. They told me he was coming. I was excited of meeting him in person.

The day came, my first impression was,“He looks like...” he he he…but as soon as I talked to him, I was surprised, he was brilliant, or rather his ideas were brilliant. He had good, valid plans and I was just wondering, what happened to those plans now??? He he he. Those plans are workable and doable and attainable, they could be a milestone in blogging. Well?

He made me laugh my heart out, I’ve had stomachaches. He also is a raconteur, a good singer, and most of all a gentleman. Don’t ask me why. He just is.

And I’m talking about no other than the well touted of- Roel of He’s a person with a great vision and dream.

Bloggista is also a Business Systems and IT Consultant. He travels to almost all points of the archipelago for business. He also has a free blogging site if you want to join in.
I did. lol. But I am still not an expert in WP, so It’s raw.

He blogs about travel, business, gadgets, making money online, and sometimes simply rants like in this article : The Gerald Anderson of Pinoy Blogosphere: Elmot Lumot

And now that you've said it Jan, yes I definitely agree, a singer too. How could I have forgotten that? I apologize to his fans. There is a song somewhere, if you can follow the rice droppings, it'll lead you there, and dancing too.

Thanks Roel for coming over and sharing your thoughts with us. Iyong drawing? Papaano na? lol

It has been a pleasure meeting you!


jan geronimo said...

Even if you've not named Roel in the post title, I know right away you're talking about him. I just knew it! It's a pleasure listening to his stories about blogging. And yes, his singing, too!

Jena Isle said...

Hi Jan, it means I've described him correctly , and his songs...too.

Roy said...

not just a singer, but a "ROCKER!"

yeah! \mm/

Jena Isle said...

Hi Roy, Oo nga, a,ye,ye..loll

bloggista said...

Hahaha. Oi, thanks a lot Mam Jen for this feature. I have to check pa the dictionary for the meaning of the word raconteur - then the first meaning i read was "saboteur". LOL.

It's an honor to have met you, of course along with Roy, Jan, Elmot and the Doc - my idols in blogging. YOu are all really good writers, nakakahiya nga if you visit my blog I know I don't write well. :-) Hehe.

Jena Isle said...

HI sir Roel,

You're too modest. Magaling ka, if not, di wala ka sana diyan. You know saboteur is not what I meant.

An honor for us too, mabuhay ka, bloggista.

Jena Isle said...

And rocker ka, not merely a singer, sir Roel...he he he

bloggista said...

I was 'forced' to choose before by my loving 'parents' if I want to go to college and finish it, or just be a rocker...

Good thing blogging and adsense weren't around that time. I probably have chosen being a blogger and a rocker. LOL.

JENAISLE said...

Hello Roel,

Di sana rocker ka na pinapanood namin sa TV..he he he.

Puede pa naman's never too late..