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Gardening and Indoor / Outdoor Planters

I have always loved gardens. When I was a child, we planted sweet potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants at our backyard garden. The soil was robust and the plants grew vibrantly, even without fertilizers. We had also vast rice fields and tobacco plantations, which we tended to during summer months when we were on vacation from school.

These were rewarding experiences. I learned how to weed my garden plots, water my plants, and watch them grow from seedlings to fully-grown plants. It was a miracle for me to witness such a wonderful process.

Now, that I am living in the city, I miss gardening. I long for those days when I could wake up early in the morning, while the plants were still rejoicing with the sparkling dews of the previous rainfall. It was such a refreshing sight and a fulfilling moment. I would flutter like a butterfly around my small garden and marvel at the growing tiny seedlings.

I guess I will have to be contented with growing indoor plants in superbly and intricately crafted indoor planters. I am lucky to have discovered where to purchase them in the future, when I would have ample budget. There is also a decorative planter that would be great for my living room.

I could use some window box planters to brighten up my front door with their unique and stylish designs.

Having plants at home once again is a dream I hope to fulfill someday. Not only because they enliven the surroundings but because scientists have proven that they are good for the health.

Plants take in carbon dioxide –the air that we exhale- and bring out oxygen –the air that we inhale. Live in a healthier environment by cultivating indoor and outdoor plants.

Plant in your backyard or in your indoor planters and savor the joys of gardening.

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