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Reasons Why Helium is My Best Earning Writing Site

There are various writing sites available online; so many - you would be confused which among them would serve you best. Helium stands out from all the rest because of the following reasons:

1. Your queries are promptly attended to. There is always someone who can reply to your questions; whether these are on the policies, mechanics of the site or on articles you have posted. The replies are also not "programmed replies". Each message is replied to individually.

2. A ranking system is in place in which members rank each other based on the merit of the article. This is a distinctly Heliumite feature. It is only in Helium that writers - like you - rank articles. You're ensured of a fair ranking after several members have read your article.
This ranking system motivates you to write better and lends more excitement as you watch your well written article climb the ranking ladder to rank 1.

3. Majority of Helium members are very supportive and are willing to lend a helping hand. There are channel stewards whom you can approach for help in any of your writing concerns. The support is very personal and not mechanical as some sites offer. You are connected with real writers, who are experts in their particular field. You would often receive an encouraging email from stewards or other Helium writers. You could easily comment on other written articles too.

4. There is a mentoring system in which you can have a mentor (for free) to help develop your
writing skills. They are easily contacted through the provided feature that Helium has added to its site, and amazingly, this feature is on a one-on-one basis.

5. There are several options from which you can earn good money.

5.1. Marketplace

Writers are given a topic by "would be advertisers." The advertiser gets to select an article and the writer is paid ranging from $ 20 to $200 depending upon the specifications of the article.

5.2. Journalism awards

Writers compose articles for the site's citizen journalism partners and are given the exposure and chance to become an international freelance journalist.

5.3. Writing contests

Writers compete on several titles and could win in each category: $ 60- first prize, $ 40 second prize and $ 30 third prize.

5.4. Star bonuses, empty title bonus, writer's stimulus incentives, rating star bonuses

These are some of the bonuses that writers get on top of all the upfront and active article earnings. Sometimes writers earn as much as $ 50 and even more on these bonuses alone.

5.5. Upfront

payments for starred members
Writers can easily earn $ 0.50, $ 1.00, $ 1.50, $ 2.00 and $ 2.50 per article depending upon their writing stars (writing stars are up to 5 stars.) The other requirement is for them to maintain 1 rating star.

5.6. Active articles earnings

Writers are given a share of the site's daily earnings as long as they maintain 1 rating star. This is very easy to obtain just by rating 10 articles within a month. Rating is fun as you get to notice other writers' errors and learn from them. You are also given the chance to read great articles and get important pointers too.

6. You can never have writer's block at Helium as hundred of titles are available for you to write about. You can also suggest a title if your topic is not found among the titles.

7. The site is user friendly. You can hop from one feature to another without getting confused. A few minutes of browsing would acquaint you with the site very easily.

8. A community forum is in place for all members. This is well managed and attended to. You can come in contact with other writers and discuss your concerns. There are threads in all of the channels that would correspond to your area of interest.

These are the major advantages why you should write for Helium. As they say, "the real test of the pudding is in the eating," so join now and experience for yourself these unique and distinctly Helium features.

Oh, by the way, here's a link to my page at helium.


jan geronimo said...

Hmmmm. Interesting. Great post! Ahehehe. Ay rahan-rahan laang at baka mapunta uli tayo sa lugar where there's no internet connection.

Okay, I will check out Helium. :)

Jena Isle said...

Hello Jan,

Nakaupo lang naman ako, and I lie down when I feel tired. No worries, it's not writing that stresses me out, it's my regular daily is my de-stressor.

Thanks for the concern.

reyjr said...

As with any other (like Mahalo and Helium), my reservations are in dividing my already limited attention between that and my blog. And I choose my blog! Hehehe.

But you make Helium sound really interesting - I especially like the mentoring part. Why not? I'll check it out when I am able to extricate myself from my office chair. loL!

Jena Isle said...

Hi Rey,

Do try Helium if you can open the site. Maganda siyang source ng passive income. Best regards.

Luke said...

"Writing is my de-stressor"

Okay ah. Parang writing to exhale. :)