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A Road Travel and a Great Discovery

It was 3 pm and the cool, nifty air blasted my face as we were slowly climbing up the steep zigzag road to the City of Pines. My granddaughter was staring at the scenic mountaintops as our car painstakingly spluttered up the sharp incline. She was pointing to the distant hills where houses were dangerously perched, when the engine suddenly croaked and the car stalled in the middle of the road. The driver had to tinker with the engine to find out what was wrong. We huddled at the side of the road as we watched some patches of fogs drifting by. The sun peeked shyly behind the blazing sun but the air was still cold and gelid. It was February, the coldest month of the year. We were meeting hubby at the summer capital, for the first time since Christmas. He was stationed at the provincial office and had gone home only every end of the month.

Imagine how I was not able to shirk my responsibility as mother and father, in many instances.

At that instant, I stared helpless at the driver; he seemed not to know much of what he was doing. I was not familiar with the city, but I had my laptop and my broadband, so I tried surfing for information about auto repair shops nearby. I visited several sites but the data was insufficient. I did not find one site that was able to answer all my questions; I had to visit several sites.

Imagine my surprise when I chanced upon this site, which has a complete and a very organized information about car models like the Honda Civic with detailed information of prices and all information a buyer would like to know. It has even a comprehensive information where to find a reputable company that sells, among others, a head gasket.

If you are apprehensive of whom to bring your car to, for repair. You do not have to stress yourself out looking for a reputable company; you could find them using the tips of your fingers. Even the best Los Angeles auto repair can be found just by a click of your mouse.


Ching Ya said...

Call us crazy but it's so true. lol.. we can basically find anything on the web. You just shared a very nice testimonial of how useful internet can be. I guess the only problem left now is to hope we have a wide broadband coverage wherever we go. :) hihi..

You're super cool! Bringing laptop everywhere you go, if the coverage is just as good I just may do the same here.

p/s: Was on your main site, glad I gave your side a browse and look what I've found! You're really a prolific writer, how you manage to do control so many blogs? Wonder woman you are, Jena.

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Jena Isle said...

Hello Ching,

The feeling is mutual. I admire how you write a post so comprehensively and so expertly. I'm honored to be one of the blogs that you visit.

I do bring my laptop everywhere. I can't live without it, my blogs and the internet.Do you call that an addiction? lol...

Happy weekend dear, hugs.